Ten Tips for Making Your Home Energy Efficient

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Insulated Water HeaterYour home shelters you from the cold nights in winter and the hot days in summer. You have plenty of energy coming into the home to keep it the right temperature, but you have to pay for the electricity and gas you use. Making your home more energy efficient allows you to reduce energy usage levels, and that helps you save money.

1. Keep up With Energy News

The world of energy is changing steadily, and keeping up with new products will help you save money. Compact fluorescent bulbs have been available for several years, and the government will soon require them as they phase out incandescent bulbs that pull more energy. Staying abreast of changes in both technology and new requirements will help you maintain an energy efficient household. You can learn more at The OGM.

2. Better Insulation

Install extra rolls in the attic and crawlspaces to minimize heat transfer and eliminate drafts. If your walls are drafty, there is hope for adding insulation to these enclosed areas. Professionals can add blown insulation to walls to warm your home.

3. Small Changes Help

If you cannot afford to have the professionals blow insulation into walls, you can still make an improvement. Remove the trim around windows and doors and then use spray foam insulation to make the area around these openings more energy efficient. Use special pads available at home improvement store to add insulation around the light switches and electrical outlets.

4. Be Smart About Window Coverings

In the winter, open your curtains wide to let the sun stream in and warm your home naturally. Close them in the evenings to keep the warmth inside your home. In the summer, keep blinds closed against direct sunlight to maintain cooler temperatures in the home.

5. Make Changes to the Water Heater

When your water heater is in the garage or a crawlspace, you should insulate it for energy efficiency. Special blankets and pipe wraps will help the water remain hot longer, so you can enjoy a more efficient system.

6. Switch the Light bulbs

Incandescent bulbs pull a great deal of energy, but fluorescent bulbs are very affordable. Switch to CFLs to save money on light bulbs and electrical usage. They cost a little more to purchase, but they will pay for themselves over time.

7. Eliminate Old Appliances

When you upgrade the refrigerator, get rid of the old one. Sell the old appliances or trade them in for a discount with the electric company.

8. Choose Programmable Thermostats

With a programmable thermostat, you can maintain comfortable temperatures throughout the day. They help you save money throughout the year by adjusting the temperature automatically, even if you are not at home.

9. Invest in New Air Filters Regularly

The filter on your HVAC system should be changed regularly. The furnace pulls air through it, and greater air flow extends the furnace life and makes it more energy efficient. Changing your filter more frequently will help you lower energy costs.

10. Invest in an Energy Audit

A home energy audit can pinpoint areas where you are losing energy and help you save money. They will tell you where insulation is low, appliances that are costing you dearly and help you make other valuable changes.
It’s important to keep up with Energy News and invest in changes that will make your home more energy efficient. These easy changes will help you save money by using less power throughout the year.


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