Ten Amazing Flickr Nursing Pictures

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Everyone has an idea of what a nurse’s day must involve but until you have actually done the job, it’s almost impossible to understand the laughter, tears and other emotions which are part and parcel of everyday life.

Here are ten wonderful pictures from Flickr which help to accurately convey what life is like for nurses up and down the country.

1) Giggles

Nursing is fun

Nursing is fun

Being a nurse can be difficult at times, especially when working with patients who are particularly young and perhaps don’t always understand everything which is going on. However, being a paediatric nurse also has some wonderful benefits; cuddles with the young patients are par for the course and even in the most serious of situations, children have a capacity for making everyone in the room laugh out loud. 

2) Ouch!

Even the sight of a needle can be enough to make the beefiest man faint

Even the sight of a needle can be enough to make the beefiest man faint

Whether it’s giving medication intravenously, taking blood or even administering a simple flu jab, needles are something that many patients get nervous about. In some cases the phobia is so severe that individuals faint on the spot! Nurses are experienced at helping anxious patients get through the process and strange as it may sound, during their training spend lots of time practicing on oranges and others fruits in order to perfect their technique!

3) Happy endings

Happy endings - Nursing

Happy endings – Nursing

This snap may look the picture of unbridled joy but this nurse and two volunteers were photographed whilst at work in a hospice. Despite working in an end of life setting, nurses do their best to make sure volunteers, patients and relatives experience a supportive, caring yet also happy environment where there are at least equal measures of laughter and tears.

4) New beginnings

New beginnings

New beginnings

The chance to be there all the way through is a privilege unique to the nurse. A doctor may flit in and out at critical moments but the person the patient’s turns to is the nurse. Being able to experience moments like this, knowing that you were part of it all is a simply irreplaceable honour.

5) Some things never change


Nursing - some things never change

Nursing – some things never change

We often consider the medical profession in years gone by to have been somewhat sterner and not so generous with the TLC. However, this wonderful image from another era shows that a gentle hand and a sympathetic smile have always been an integral part of a nurse’s personality.

6) Teamwork

Nursing involves teamwork

Nursing involves teamwork

Working as a nurse means being part of a team, whether it’s in theatres, on the ward or out in the community. There’s a huge choice for nurses and working in a large hospital or for a nationwide group provides the opportunity to get experience of different disciplines. However, one thing always remains the same: teamwork.

7) Technology

Nurses can't be afraid of technology

Nurses can’t be afraid of technology

Whether you work in the NHS or a private hospital, using technology is part of the job. Some disciplines rely more on machinery and equipment that others but it’s always vital for nurses to stay up to date with the latest developments in the industry. Continuing professional development is key in order to provide the best possible patient care.

8) More than nursing

More than nursing

More than nursing

Providing the best possible medical care using every skill and scrap of knowledge available is important is nursing but often it requires so much more besides. With patients in unfamiliar surroundings, possibly in pain or discomfort and feeling distinctly out of sorts, you will often see a nurse going the extra mile just to help the patient relax or forget how they are feeling, even for a short time.

9) Practice makes perfect

Practice makes perfect!

Practice makes perfect!

This patient may be looking particularly peaky but there’s nothing to worry about because she is just a dummy, albeit a very lifelike one, who lives in the virtual nursing lab. Student nurses get to practice in very real-feeling environments because being let loose to hone their skills and knowledge on the general public.

10 A tough job…

It's a tough job being a nurse.

It’s a tough job being a nurse.

No matter how much you love your job, nursing is tough and bad days really can kick you in the teeth. The nurse in the image above has just heard that the patient she looked after in Trauma hasn’t survived; the emotion she feels is clear to see. The truth is that no matter how hard you try, there will be some patients who don’t make it, an inevitable but nevertheless painful part of the job.


Nursing is one of the most rewarding careers you could pick; the chance to touch people’s lives and really make a difference coupled with the ability to progress if you pick the right place to work. Being part of a team and learning such a highly-skilled job makes every day at work interesting, helping to light up even the most difficult of times. These wonderful pictures from Flickr highlight the many different facets of a nurse’s role yet somehow don’t even begin to skim the surface. If you have been thinking about a change in career – or perhaps returning to nursing – these images should give you all the incentive you need.


An article by Alan Horton, if viewing this post has inspired you to pursue a career in nursing or you are a Nurse looking to moves roles click here for further information.


Image credits: Digi_Shot, NHSE, drewleavy, Joe Shlabotnik, theirhistory, ReSurge International, DavidQuick, ReSurge International, Germanna CC, and AirmanMagazine


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