Symbol of luxury

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It has long been a symbol of luxury and wealth were considered jewelry with precious stones, which are proudly worn on the body nobles. Kings crown adorned placer diamonds, Countess and Princess appeared on the balls at the tiara, studded with emeralds and sapphires. By cute little ring on her finger lady it always possible to determine whether it is representative of a noble family. Stones other than gorgeous sheen often are the cause of wars and deaths.

Every girl secretly dreams of becoming the owner of the magnificent jewelry with precious stone from which one can not look away. Many people believe that gemstones have some magical power, which gives the owner of the stone. For example, according to legends, emeralds possessor brings happiness and love, Ruby brings love hearts, and sapphire can save an innocent woman from slander.

However, not all the rocks are precious, we should distinguish them. Jewelry stones are divided into 3 types: precious and semi-precious. It includes precious natural diamonds, sapphires, rubies, emeralds and alexandrite. Jewelry with precious stones can be recognized at once: the incomparable brilliance and depth of color stones often present themselves. Many people sometimes confuse luxury with semi-precious stones such as quartz, topaz, garnet. If you can not determine exactly what the stone used in the decoration, you should consult a specialist.

Incredibly spectacular crystal jewelry with the spring-summer show Missoni 2013 – strikes you at first sight! Transparent “rhinestone” interspersed with crystal bright colors attract maximum attention. It can be rings, bracelets and necklaces.


Jewelry with precious stones – is a welcome gift for any girl. In the online shop will surprise you a great selection of gold and precious stones. You can buy jewelry with the gems that you want: a diamond is an ideal gift for the bride and luxurious ruby ​​appreciate a successful woman. You can choose from all kinds of jewelry with precious stones of various sizes. Any girl can find a product that most of which have long dreamed of. Immerse yourself in the world of glitz and luxury gem in the Internet shop.


We have collected the most fashionable necklace black this year. Universal black necklace will come to together almost any color except, of course, the pastel-colored clothes. Necklaces can be made ​​of metal, stone, glass, textiles and plastics. It often used in necklaces, natural stones and minerals blacks, such as Jet, onyx, agate, tourmaline, obsidian, lava and black pearls. Pay attention to the sparkling name necklaces are popular as modern geometric shapes, as well as necklaces in ethnic style.


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