Summer 2013 Jewellery Trends

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Summer accessory styles this Summer are all about bright colours and bold patterns. The sun brings out everyones playful side and what better time to wear all those costume jewellery pieces that you have been hiding in the back of your cupboard. Here’s a look at the top 5 trends for this Summer, Enjoy!

1. Electric Colours



Think illuminous colours that will make your tanned skin pop! You don’t need to much of this type of jewellery because the colour says more than enough on it’s own, try out a shocking pink necklace or lime green bangle.

2. Rough Cut Stones

rough stone


Add a touch of earthy glamour to your look with a rough cut stone embellished piece of jewellery. The beauty of this trend is that you can personalise it by wearing the stone that represents your birth month.

3. Geometric Shapes

geometric bangle


When it comes to geometric shapes, bigger is better, make a statement by choosing a bold design. You can find many of these designs in stores at the moment both online and in high street stores.

4. Animal Love

zebra ring


We have always loved our pets, but now we can remember them even when we are out and about. Expect to see jewelled parrot broaches, bracelets made of gold snakes and monkeys hanging off necklaces, all in the name of Summer fun!

5. Layering



Think lots of gold and silver and layering up of jewellery. Pull out all your old bangles and wear them all at once to achieve this powerful look.

This guest post was contributed by Holly Powell on behalf of Gemleys online jewellery store.


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