Suffering from Piles? Choose the Right Hemorrhoids Treatment

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Are you suffering from severe pain while sitting? Do you experience bleeding while urinating or passing stools? You could be suffering from piles, scientifically called Hemorrhoids. These are caused by painful and swollen veins in the lower portion of the rectum or anus.  They are caused by a no. of factors like pregnancy, persistent diarrhea, bowel straining, alcoholism, anal sex, and cancer of the rectum. Symptoms of Hemorrhoids are rectal pain, bleeding, anal discharge, and lump near anus.

You must hurry up in treating this malady, else you may end up damaging your rectum in a severe way and face dire consequences. Some of the ways to prevent hemorrhoids are mentioned here. If you or a loved one is suffering from this problem, make sure you apply these instantly in your/their life for soothing relief as soon as possible. Remember; no one treatment works in this case. You must be prompt but patient at the same time to try different treatment and get healed.

Drink Water Profusely: Have lots of water throughout the day. You must drink at least 8 glasses of water daily to avoid constipation. Constipation puts strain on the bowels, thus causing piles.

Eat Fibrous foods: Those suffering from increased gastrointestinal problems like constipation and diarrhea are more prone to suffer from hemorrhoids. A clean intestine doesn’t store toxins for a long time. Constipation leads to storage of waste matter within the body leading to strain on the anus and rectum, the veins of which swell and cause pain and swelling (piles). Fiber in the diet helps you in easy removal of excreta, and you get soft and easily removable stools. Fiber forms a part of fruits, vegetables, cereal bran, and beans. You may also try dietary supplements available in the form of high fiber supplements if you are not fond of eating fruits and vegetables.

Have lots of Vitamin C – Vitamin C is good for the health of veins. It prevents swelling of blood vessels in the anus and rectum.  Having a glassful of orange juice, lemon juice, or kiwi juice helps a lot. Alternatively, you may take vitamin C supplements.

Soothing Cream: You may use an effective cream for hemorrhoids treatment in order to reduce swelling, itching, fissures, and prevent bacterial growth. Preferably, use a cream that doesn’t stain clothes.

Keep Moving:  A stagnant lifestyle leads to problems in bowel movement. When you include a bit of exercise in your daily routine, it makes the bowel movements strong and active. The result is that you get regular stools without any problems. If you are in a profession that demands you to be still, sitting, and physically inactive for long periods of time, then you must make an effort to take regular breaks and pace up and down or along the corridor for a while. This will improve blood circulation and bowel movements. When you are still, your body slows down along with all the organs. When you get moving, your body gears up into activity and so do all its organs including stomach and intestinal muscles.

Cut Flab: Too much weight puts strain on the intestine causing piles. You must maintain an ideal body weight so that your intestines aren’t stressed and function ideally.

Stop Weight Lifting: If you have been diagnosed with piles, stop lifting heavy weights. Moreover, while lifting objects, make sure you bend your legs and lift them rather than moving forward and curving your back.


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