Style up your living room with a statement rug

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Your living room is a place where you should be able to relax after a long hard day in the office. By using certain colour schemes and home accessories you can transform it from being an ordinary sitting room into a tranquil haven. If you want to add a touch of luxury styling to your living room, why not consider purchasing a statement rug or runner? Statement rugs are great for giving your living room a focal point and transforming a dull floor into a work of art, at just a fraction of the cost of replacing the flooring itself.

In some parts of the world they use traditional hand-weaving techniques to produce statement rugs.

In some parts of the world they use traditional hand-weaving techniques to produce statement rugs.

History of rugs

It is thought that rugs were one of the very first soft furnishings known to mankind. Many of the earliest rugs have been found in the Middle East and have become artefacts, studied by archaeologists and anthropologists. Over time rug-making techniques have changed dramatically, with the advanced developments of machinery, however there are some traditional rug-making techniques that are still used in certain parts of the world today.

Purpose of rugs      

There are a number of reasons why people use rugs and runners in their living room. Statement rugs are often used for decorative purposes, but they also bare functional qualities too. As well as giving a room a focal point and bringing all of its different elements together, statement rugs can also be used to soundproof living rooms. Rugs are often used by people in modern flats with hardwood or laminate floors. The fibres in the rugs absorb some of the sound from people walking across the floor, preventing them from disturbing the people living directly below them.

Although modern flooring like hardwood or laminate looks stylish and is ever so easy to keep clean, it can often be uncomfortable to walk on, particularly in the morning when it is a little on the chilly side! Placing a large statement rug on wooden flooring can soften it and create a more pleasant surface to walk across. Rugs will also trap heat in their fibres, helping you to maintain a comfortable temperature in your house during the winter.

Geometric style rugs are perfect for contemporary living rooms.

Geometric style rugs are perfect for contemporary living rooms.

Choosing the perfect statement rug for your living room

With so many different types of rugs with different colour and pattern combinations to choose from, it can be difficult to decide what type of rug to use in your living room. Colour is an important factor in your decision, as you will need to make sure the rug you choose compliments your living rooms colour scheme. It is also essential that you pick a style that reflects the interior of your living room. For example a monochrome statement rug will look great in a contemporary styled room, whereas an arty patterned rug may look better in a traditional styled room.

The quality of the rug you choose will depend on the way it has been manufactured and the materials that have been used. Hand crafted rugs are known for their high quality and durability. The care and attention that has been put into manufacturing them, makes them more resistant to wear and tear. Rugs are made from a wide range of materials including wool, nylon, rayon, silk and cotton. The material you select will depend on your budget and personal preference.


As well as adding a touch of luxury styling to your living room, statement rugs have a number of functional purposes. They will make your flooring more comfortable to walk in, help to insulate your property in the winter and add another layer of soundproofing to your flooring, giving you the privacy you desire.



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