Some reasons why telecommuting can affect business adversely

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Work from home is one of the most popular choices that many organizations and companies are opting. There have been debates on the topic whether work from home is good or bad. The latest development in this field has been initiated by CEO of Yahoo Marissa Mayer. The company had a policy of work of home. But there has been a change in the policy off late. According to the changed policy, it has become mandatory that all employees have to come to office every day. This policy change brought with it mixed reactions. While some people protested fiercely against the decision, some agreed to it whole heartily.

Here are some of the reasons why business can be affected with telecommuting:


Nothing called company culture develops with telecommuting

It is a well known fact that when you work in an office you make friends and colleagues. And this helps in developing a work culture. There might be different kinds of interruptions while working in an office, but that is welcome at times. It might hamper the productivity at times but it has many advantages as well. Working together side by side as a team helps in bringing innovation in work and also develops the work culture of the organization greatly. All these things are missed when you work virtually from home. No bond develops between colleagues and therefore there is no work environment as well.

Chances of collaboration are lesser in telecommuting

When a company starts to develop, one of its main attributes is innovation. Without the right innovations, a company cannot progress or move forward. And innovations come with people interacting with one another. Conversations can be serious or casual. They might happen in formal meetings or even while casual chat over cups of coffee in the office canteen. Therefore collaboration on a face to face level is very important and that is not possible in telecommuting. As per Nick Balletta, chief executive of Talkpoint, best results of innovation come when people come together in a room and interact with one another directly.

 People with low productivity might be affected greatly

Telecommuting is a boon for many people who do not work hard and are low on productivity. However, with the change in policy by Marissa Mayer, Yahoo’s CEO, such people will lose their job. People who are sincere and serious about their job will thrive in this situation. In the present scenario it is important that people work harder. And this becomes easier when people work together in a company. And according to Mayer, people who cannot survive in this situation will pull themselves out automatically.


Employees might remain unaware of company’s latest strategies and policies

Policies and strategies of a company keep changing from time to time. For a new project a new strategy might be opted. And it is not possible to explain that to all the employees until and unless all of them are present in the same place. A conference call or a webinar might solve the problem to a little extent, but being present there physically has a different impact altogether.

Therefore, overall reaction to Marissa Mayer’s decision is still under question.

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