Some Of The Best Tourist Destinations In Bali Indonesia

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UntitledBali, Indonesia is one of the most sought after tourist destinations not only in Asia, but as well as the world. The landscape of Bali is indeed different as compared to other archipelagos in Indonesia. Bali has all the richness of nature including volcanic mountain chain, white sand beaches, captivating river gorges, rice farms, and so much more. Tourists keep on coming back to Bali to experience its serene ambiance and milky beach lines. People who want to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life visit Bali to be able to relax and reflect.

In this article, we will discuss some of the most recommended tourist destinations in Bali. By simply visiting these places, you will be able to fully enjoy your Bali vacation experience.

The Kintamani Volcano

If you visit Kintamani Volcano, you will be able to witness the scenic view of Mount Batur. There is also a giant lake, which will truly leave you feeling captivated. You can perhaps take a quick look on various artworks featured in local villages.

Visit the Diving Safaris

One of the reasons why Bali is appealing to the guests is because of its beautiful dive sites. As a matter of fact, Diving Safaris have beautiful limestone formations, sandy slopes, peaceful bay area, and shipwrecks. It is indeed a perfect place to people who love swimming as well as to guests who want to experience firsthand boat diving. One of the most popular wreck diving sites in Bali is the Liberty Shipwreck. It is also the home of various diving destinations including the Tulamben Bay, Amed, Lipah Shipwreck, Manta Point, and Gili Tepekong.

Experience how it feels like to be in Kerambitan Palace

The Kerambitan Palace has been the home of the Royal Family. It is now considered one of the valuable tourist destinations in Indonesia. If you visit the palace, you will be welcomed with a Pendet dance, which is a traditional Balinese dance.

The Temple of Pura Besakih

The temple literally demonstrates how the Balinese people think. It is by far the most famous temple in Bali Indonesia. Your Bali experience will never be completed if you fail to visit the Pura Besakih temple.

The Art Gallery Museum

The Balinese architectures are being featured in the Art Gallery Museum. Both English and Indonesian paintings are showcase in the gallery museum. If you are an art lover, then you will surely find it very fulfilling to visit this museum.

The Bird Park

The richness of nature can be best felt if you are going to visit the Bird Park. Both kids and kids at heart will definitely enjoy seeing hundreds of beautiful birds chirping in the garden. These birds freely stroll in lush vegetation, waterfalls, and ponds. It is indeed a perfect place for nature lovers.

Monkey Forest Sanctuary

This is a secluded forest sanctuary that features monkeys in their natural habitat. If you are traveling with your family, especially with children, then you can take them to Money Forest Sanctuary and they will truly enjoy the view.


As you can see, Bali offers the most exciting close to nature tourist spots. These are perhaps the reasons why Bali has captured the heart of so many people. When visiting Bali, you should pay particular attention with your accommodation especially if you plan your visit during peak season.


Author Bio – Tina Jhonson is a travel and leisure writer. She is a traveler herself and in fact has been able to travel various parts of Asia. Through her writings, she was able to help other people especially when it comes to planning their dream vacation. If you have plans of visiting Bali, then you should click here for a complete list of hotels in Bali Indonesia.


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