Smart Tips for the Crafty Bargain Hunter in a modern world

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Today’s economy makes dressing great even more of a challenge. Not only do we have to find what looks right, but also show our skills as a savvy fashionista and get our outfits at an affordable price. Not to mention the fact that online retailing is constantly on a rise offering huge discounts on expensive branded clothing, according to BBC’s recent post.

The good news? It can be done without much effort once you have the right information. Read on and check out our smart tips. Not only will you save money when you apply them, but you could even earn a bit. Enjoy!


Oh and don’t forget it’s not how much you spend, it’s how you carry yourself that really makes people turn heads!

Online Shopping. Have you ever taken a look at how much money you can save by keeping an eye on the popular auction sites? It’s not uncommon to buy an entire outfit for what you’d pay for a shirt at full price. Once you get the hang of it you can unload your old stuff you hardly wear while you bid on new clothes too! Not to mention you save on travel expenses which can certainly add up.

Voucher Codes and Online Discounts. This is my personal favorite. Over the last few years the smart shopper can find all sorts of online discount services and voucher codes that cover everything from holidays, to dinner, to of course shopping for the latest clothes! Over a year it’s possible to end up saving a lot of money it may stun you if you keep track. Need proof to become a believer? Check out the 200% welcome bonus with this voucher at Sun Bingo and you will not doubt this kind of great bargain existing ever again!

Swap Shop Fun. Why not set up your own little clothing exchange? Call up your friends and trade away and everyone ends up with a fun new wardrobe to hit the town in. Don’t be surprised if you end up so successful at holding your swap shop that you find yourself renting your own little shop and turn pleasure into profit!

Save on Social Media. Did you know while you’re socializing on Facebook and Twitter you could be entering contests to with a chance to win tons of vouchers? These are held every day and all you have to do is share or tweet the competition to your friends! Not only competitions but online chances to win money prize vouchers such as the £50 free JackpotJoy are everywhere around the online world.

The chance to save money hardly gets much easier than that does it? In between “likes” and “shares” don’t forget to explore the price comparison websites and the pages and profiles of your favorite businesses and merchants. There are always lots of bargains you will certainly miss if you don’t stay in the information loop. Don’t be shy about saving!

In Store Sales. Yes, this is really old school advice, but there’s still something to be said about hitting the shops and checking the price tags especially come Boxing Day for the January sales. That is if you can take the lines and crowds. Thankfully most of the discount and vouchers online make this a choice rather than a requirement. Personally I prefer the cash vouchers and other savings I can gather without leaving home rather than the stress of in store shopping madness.

Good luck and happy smart shopping!


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