Skin Hives

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Some people get red or pink bumps or patches on their skin. Some get it after eating certain food while others just get it while walking over to another house. These reddish blotches on your skin are usually itchy. They can even make a little child run for home to mommy. These itchy red welts are commonly referred to as skin hives but the correct medical term for them is urticaria.

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Where Can People Get Skin Hives

The occurrence of hives is a pretty common thing. About a quarter of the world’s population get them at least once in their lifetime. Hives are usually just harmless skin conditions although at times they can be a symptom of an allergic reaction that is quite serious. That having been said, it will still be advisable for kids to tell their mommies or for older folks to consult their physicians.

The blotches on a patient’s skin are produced via an allergic reaction. However, people can get skin hives or urticaria from different causes. Well, you usually won’t be able to tell what triggered the allergic reaction. Possible foods that might trigger urticaria include nuts, berries, shelfish, and milk.

Other possible causes include insect bites/stings and antibiotics. Now, this doesn’t mean that skin hives are only caused by an allergic reaction. It is found that there are non-allergic causes of urticaria. Examples of such causes are viral infections, stress, nervousness, exposure to the sun, exercise, and exposure to the cold. Hives usually last from a few minutes to as long as several days.

Diagnosis and Treatment of Skin Hives

All a doctor needs, sometimes, is to take a look at you to make a diagnosis. At times your doctor will ask you to relate what happened. Doctors may try to figure out what caused it though most of the time, as stated earlier, they never find out. If you have an allergic reaction that is quite serious then your doctor will refer you to a specialist.

At times doctors may prescribe antihistamines, which is primarily used when you have allergic reactions. It is especially prescribed when the patient is having difficulty breathing. Such cases will require immediate medical attention. Others use epinephrine instead of antihistamine. It is important that you have your skin checked by a doctor right away for proper diagnosis and treatment.

Urticaria Prevention

If you know the particular cause of your allergies then, yes, you can prevent the occurrence of skin hives. If your condition is caused by other factors other than allergies, like stress for instance, then you can work something out as a preventive measure. The key to prevention is identifying the particular cause for urticaria.

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