Six Tips For Hosting The Perfect House Warming Party

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Six Tips For Hosting The Perfect House Warming PartyWhen you have just moved into your new home and you want to host a house warming party there are a few ways to go about doing so regardless of the size of your home and the type of party you have in mind. Hosting the perfect house warming party is possible by preparing ahead of time and knowing how many guests you have invited before the festivities begin.




Setting a budget for your housewarming party is ideal if you plan to provide food, entertainment and other gathering favors for your guests. Although you will be receiving gifts for your own home, providing your attendees with delicious foods and drinks can add up, so it is important to have a budget set in place.


Plan Ahead


The more you plan for your housewarming party in advance, the more likely you are to receive guests who are able to attend. Setting up your party a month or two in advance is highly recommended for the maximum turnout, especially if you are receiving gifts for the home.


Provide Entertainment


Whether you want to provide live or loud music, giving your guests some form of entertainment will ensure they are having the best time possible at your housewarming party. Host games and even give items away of your own to make your guests more comfortable while having fun during the process.


Food and Drinks


Providing food and drinks is essential when you are hosting your own housewarming party or any other type of gathering. Whether you plan to cook all of the food yourself, have it catered or if you are simply shopping for premade food, your budget will come in handy during this process. Determining the type of drinks you will serve is also essential before you send your invitations and begin setting the date for your party.


Dress Fashionably


Dressing fashionably is a way to make an impression on your guests while also making the evening more memorable for them. Wearing the cool casual blazer you have will show that you have not only put time and effort into making sure your home is appealing, but that you are prepared for the party as well.


Thank Your Guests


After the housewarming party is over, thank your guests for attending by giving them a phone call or even sending a thank you card. The more thought you put into thanking your guests, the more satisfied they are likely to feel about attending.


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