Simple Ways to Sell Your New York City Apartment Faster

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As an apartment owner in New York’s Chelsea neighborhood, the thought of trying to sell your apartment might seem a bit overwhelming. With so much competition on the market, every detail associated with your apartment matters.

If you want to sell your apartment quickly, you’ll need to stage it. This will bring in buyers who want the New York City experience with the comforts of home. Here’s a list of easy ways to do that.

Maximize natural light

One of the biggest concerns for homeowners in the city is natural lighting. Many apartments get very little; natural light is blocked by something else or the apartment simply has few if any windows and doors that allow light in.

When you’re short on natural light, it’s important to maximize what you have. Try placing mirrors on walls opposite windows so they’ll reflect light throughout the room and make it appear larger and more spacious.

Create more space

Few apartments in the city are known for being particularly large. Most of the biggest apartments, in fact, have resulted from renovations that knocked down walls between multiple apartments to create more space. When you live in a small apartment, you have to make it look larger.

Do this by first clearing off your surfaces. Hide your knick-knacks, frames, and clutter. The cleaner the surfaces, the larger a room will appear to buyers.

You can also move your curtains. Try placing the rod as close to the ceiling as you can and hanging curtains from that height. This draws the eye upward and creates a larger-looking space.

Have your Realtor weigh in

Each neighborhood in New York City has its own type of buyer. What you want to do is speak with a professional regarding the things that buyers in Chelsea are looking for in an apartment.

A great real estate broker can help you determine what to change, what to spend money on, and what to leave alone to attract buyers.

What a Realtor might suggest to a seller in the Upper East Side might not be what he or she suggests to a seller in the Bronx or other neighborhoods. Realtors are paid to know what buyers want; trust yours and you’re more likely to sell your apartment quickly.

Selling a New York City apartment is rarely apt to be as simple as it seems. Buyers want the most bang for their buck, and if your apartment doesn’t offer exactly what they want, they’ll keep looking.



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