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In today’s era, a large number of online stores which specialize in selling jewelries continue to raise its quantity in the World Wide Web. With that reason, it has been then difficult to find an online jeweler who has the best selection and best reputation. In this case, Blue Nile Jewelers is the best choice for a reputable online retailer. It started its operations in the year 1999 and since then, it developed into the largest online retailer for certified diamonds and fine jewelries known worldwide.

As its fame continues to spread, magazines like Forbes and The New York Times recognized their excellence. Not only that, because of their outstanding customer service, in 2002, awarded Blue Nile Jewelers the Circle of Excellence Platinum Award.

Blue Nile Jewelers was not only exceptional in the field of business practices and customer service but they also offer educational information to buyers which some online retailers don’t have. This educational information discusses the types of jewelry available, diamond characteristics, how to find the perfect engagement ring or wedding ring and metal comparisons.

The website of Blue Nile Jewelers has a lot of sections. One of those is a section which allows the customer to select the size, color, clarity, cut, and price of the desired diamond. After selecting your desired diamond, there is also a section that allows the customer to select the available metals to be used for your ring. These metals are usually yellow gold, white gold, titanium, and platinum. Aside from such, there is also a section that offers customer other options like solitaires, solitaires with accent stones, 3-stone rings, and eternity bands. After you have finished choosing which is which, you are then shown a variety of rings that fits your chosen characteristics of such ring.

On the other hand, Blue Nile Jewelers was known to be very mindful of their customers that’s why in order to help the customers financially, Blue Nile Jewelers has teamed up with Bank of America. There are two types of financing options offered by the Blue Nile Jewelers. First is the three months same as cash. This means that within three months, there will be no payments of interest. The other one is the line of credit. This means that over a specific period of time, payment plans are available to pay your purchase.

Both partnering organizations assures their customers in securing one’s personal information since we all know that it is very important is such line of business. If you are in doubt, check their privacy policy for verification. Well, before entering an agreement with a certain company, you should at least check their credibility to assure that you are safe in purchasing their products and services. Remember, fraud and scams are rampant nowadays.

Blue Nile Jewelers also offer insurance options which are available in their website. It is best to purchase in an online retailer which offers insurance policy since insurance option is not only advantageous for the customers but also to the retailers because it represents the company’s confidence to their products. When purchasing expensive jewelry pieces, it is always important to have an insurance policy in place to protect against loss of stones, damage, among other things.

You can check out the Blue Nile review to further help you in your quest for the best blue diamond engagement ring for you and your loved one today.



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