Shopping for Personalised Gifts in a Crowded Marketplace

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Digital printing has made personalising gifts really easy. These days you can shop for a personalised just about anything – from a mug to a coaster, or from a t shirt to a personalised bottle of fine wine. The only limit to locating the right personalised item – as with all things internet – is self-imposed. That is, if you don’t know something is available you’re very unlikely to find it.

The advent of the smartphone has changed the way we shop for certain items – and gift shopping is one of those instances. As a shopping nation we still tend to look in physical, brick and mortar stores to get ideas for gifts. We seem to like the browsing aspect of the process: physically rooting around through shelves and displays to find something that will work for our intended recipient.

But we’re not daft. We know that half the things we turn up might be available cheaper on the web. So we start n store, and – often while still in store – we branch out, looking around the information superhighway to see what we can locate.

As far as personalised gifts are concerned, once we have unearthed a specific type of item – cuff links, for example – we might then go online to see if we can find the same style but with options for personalising. Or we may discover something in a shop that makes us think of something you could personalise – wine and whisky are both common examples of this – which then sends us scurrying off to the web to get the job done.

photo books

Shopping for gifts is as easy or as hard as you want to make it; or at least, it can be made easy provided you know the person you are buying for reasonably well. If you have a feel for his or her personality, you have a working canvas on which to paint your masterpiece. All you need then is a place to begin looking for the paint.

Photos routinely appear in personalised gifts. This is hardly surprising. The image, as they say, is worth a lot of words: so when you want to deliver a personal message in a physical object (rather than just saying it), it becomes natural to do it with a picture.

Holiday snaps, wedding photos, baby shots – all of these things have a huge amount of emotional weight attached to them. Properly used, they can help to create a personalised gift that says more to a person than the most expensive gift item in the high street shop.

The trick is often to work out what to personalise. A t shirt with a wedding photo on it, for example, is hardly a good use of anyone’s time or money. Personalised photo books, on the other hand, containing a series of wedding and honeymoon shots – well, they could be used equally as gifts for the bride and groom (or bride and bride, or groom and groom) or for any close member of their family. Mothers and fathers of brides and grooms tend to delight in wedding albums, and one that has been personally created to suit them could hardly be more appropriate.

As noted, it’s not that hard to give a good gift. All you need is knowledge of the person for whom the gift is being sought out.

Smith is a store attendant. Visit this website for more gift ideas.


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