SCOAN on the Power of the Lord

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TB Joshua is known as a “Man of God”, although may also call him a miracle worker. He has been able to heal the sick, provide for the poor, and help the destitute. However, for Prophet TB Joshua, this is not due to his own powers, but rather through the working hand of God.

For Joshua, the fact that his church, the SCOAN (Synagogue Church of All Nations), has continued to thrive despite much adversity is proof of the will of God. Additionally, since his congregation continues to increase, and now even attracts international attention, he feels that it is clear that the Lord’s work is being done.

The prophet has been able to provide salvation for hundreds of people by allowing Jesus Christ and the Lord to work through him. He feels that he has drawn the attention of Satan several times, proof see in the fact that his church building was destroyed numerous times. However, this did not waver him from his commitment to allow the Power of God to speak through him to his followers.

Joshua is also keen to demonstrate that the fact that he attracts such a huge following is biblical proof of the Lord’s work being done. In the King James Version, for instance, it is said that only those who are true and just will be able to survive trial after trial, which is exactly what SCOAN has been able to do. Starting with just eight members, it is now a congregation of thousands, with followers all over the world. Joshua himself has gone through numerous trials to arrive where he is today, and he thanks the Lord for all of that.

Prophet TB Joshua has further proof of his divine intervention. For instance, his mother was pregnant with him for 14 months. During her pregnancy, it was believed that her baby had died several times, but it would kick again whenever she approached a doctor. Eventually, a man told her to pray and move out of the area in which she lived, which she did. When she finally gave birth, after 14 months of pregnancy, TB Joshua’s father named him “Temitope”, which means “my experience requires gratitude to God”.

Joshua also states that there was a prophecy around one century ago, stating that part of the Imo clan, of which Joshua is part, would move into Arigidi, which happened in 1952. He further predicted that, from this move, a young boy would be born in the quarters of Oosin and that this boy would have many followers, would be famous, and would be powerful. Additionally, he prophesized that this boy would work tirelessly at demonstrating that skin pigmentation, different cultures, and different religions were irrelevant in the eyes of the Lord. This prophecy, TB Joshua feels, is reflective of him and what he has aimed to achieve and continues to achieve today. All of the words of the prophet have come true, and Joshua aims to make sure the final element: unity in the grace of the Lord, will equally be achieved.

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