Pre-Apply for an Online Line of Credit

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Borrowing money during times of difficult economic stress hardly reflects an enjoyable experience. Yet, when an emergency arises, going through the steps to borrow funds becomes unavoidable. Is it really unavoidable, though? Those who already have a line of credit established won’t need to worry about applying for a loan. Pre-approved credit is already available and simply needs to be accessed. In a sense, effective pre-planning cuts down on the hassles associated with rushing around to be approved for a loan when limited credit options exist.


The Emergency Arrives

Imagine driving down a road and your car starts to sputter and hesitate. Eventually, the car stalls. While the problem isn’t major, replacing the parts causing the problem comes with a $600 fee. If you do not have a credit card or available cash, looking for an emergency payday loan becomes an option. The trouble with a payday loan is you must fill out an application, wait for the application to be processed and approved, and then wait some more for the deposit. With a line of credit account, things can be handled a little better.

Applying for a Line of Credit

The application required for a line of credit isn’t too complicated, but important information must be submitted. Proof of employment and other personal information must be faxed. is one example of a well-known online line of credit provider that asks for a few simple items in order to be approved. With, second funding requests do not require the submission of a second application. Clients with active accounts and $500 in remaining available credit could simply ask for a withdrawal.

Pre-Planning with a Line of Credit

With a payday loan, a possible delay in receiving the funds comes from the application process. The same is true with a line of credit, but the funds are not always borrowed until requested. It might be prudent to apply for the line of credit long in advance of needing any money. This way, when the need arrives, a quick request can be made. Depositing the funds may require a full business day, but the borrower just has to make the request. The application has already been completed.

Cut Out the Stress

In an emergency situation, you probably just want to deal with fixing the emergency. Searching for a lender and filling out an application under stress just adds more stress to the situation. Stress could lead to making mistakes, which further complicates things. A stress-induced error on the application may lead to a delay or an outright rejection. Stress likely increases at this point. Pre-applying for a line of credit could cut down on at least some of that stress.


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