Plant Based Remedies for Angular Cheilitis

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Individuals who always want to hang out with their friends and love going out may need the proper way of treating the angular cheilitis that is very noticeable in the corners of their mouth. Angular cheilitis is a skin inflammation that is very much annoying and unsightly when left untreated. For sure, you wouldn’t want people staring at your mouth infected by this skin infection, this would generally lower your self-confidence and would give you trouble in eating or smiling. Without looking for any cure of it, you may stay with this condition for a long time. Hence, it would typically prevent you from going out even with your friends due the effect of this condition.

What is Angular Cheilitis?

Knowing full things about angular cheilitis could possibly save you trouble from identifying it. People who first take notice their skin infection and knows exactly that it is caused by angular cheilitis may avoid the trouble of treating it immediately. Other names for this form of skin inflammation are perleche, cheilosis and angular stomatitis. This condition is typically manifested in the corner of the mouth. It is shown in many forms such as crusts that appear in the corners of the mouth and bleeding wounds in the infected area of the skin that appears to be painful when you are opening your mouth and do the usual things such as drinking, eating, yawning, speaking, and laughing.

Treating Angular Cheilitis

This inflammatory lesion is mostly the result of fungal bacteria that is present in the lips and corners of the mouth. This bacterium commonly spreads with the addition of moisture in the infected area of the skin. Drooling may cause the spread of the fungal infection. Treatment of antibiotics is commonly administered for this kind of infection. However, they may only come as a short term of relief to infection and the bacteria may go back again if other safer methods are not administered. Hence, the use of topical ointments and oral medications may have another effect to an individual who suffers from angular cheilitis. With this, plant based remedies could be the most effective alternative for prescribed medications in treating this type of skin inflammation. They are said to be safer to use and gives an adverse effect-free.

Plan Based Remedies

  • Cocoa butter- Cocoa butter which comes from cocoa bean could be used for treating angular cheilitis. It is said to have a soothing effect when it is applied on the affected are of the skin.


  • Australian Tea Tree- this comes in the form of creams, gel and lip balms. It could help treating the lesion. Australian tea tree may also come in the form of oil. This might be used for rinsing the mouth and prevent the spread of bacteria at the corners of the mouth. It could serve as a powerful disinfectant. Hence, it is also good as an anti-bacterial or anti-inflammatory agent.


  • The combination of crushed garlic, citrus, olive oil and tea tree oil- this is said to be an effective mixture that could cure angular cheilitis, or cheilosis or perleche. They are usually applied in the inflamed area of the skin.


  • Aloe vera- Aloe vera is very much effective in treating various skin problems. In fact, most beauty products contain aloe vera. In treating angular cheilitis, this may come in the form of gels, lip balm, salves and creams. It helps healing wounds that is caused by the lesions. Aloe vera could typically shrink the wound suppressing it to appear again. It is also used for smoothing and softening of the skin which is beneficial in maintaining good skin after having skin infection.


  • Honey- Honey is an effective antiseptic. It could be used as a topical agent for treating angular cheilitis.

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