Personal Injury in the Construction Industry

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The construction industry may only be responsible for around 5% of employees worldwide but they are responsible for around 22% of fatal injuries to employees. This makes it essential that you ensure the cover you buy yourself, as well as the cover your employer provides you, fully covers you for every eventuality. You also need to consider a reputable company representing you if the time comes, so do your research of those before an incident occurs. Companies like IL4U (Injury Lawyers 4 U) can not only help you make a claim but give advice before you commit, which is invaluable in those stressful situations.

Common injuries that cause people to claim, within the construction industry, are falls from heights, demolition accidents, doing manual handling, using faulty or defective machinery or even hand/arm vibration syndrome also known as HAVS (that is common for those working with heavy machinery), or similarly vibration white finger.

Why should you have to suffer due to the profession you hold to earn a living? The answer, of course, is that shouldn’t. So by making a claim, and if successful, you will be able to have some treatment to reduce those effects or if that isn’t possible, enjoy a better quality of life from the compensation.

The first step to making a claim is to get a diagnosis from a doctor, without this there is no conclusive proof you have what you’re claiming for. Going forwards after attaining that, you need to be able to prove your employer or former employer was to blame by failing in their duty of care commitments. With certain ailments it can be proven that the employer could have supplied you with training, equipment or regular breaks meaning your case can be made stronger.

The company you employ throughout the claim act entirely on your behalf, including providing access to medical experts if and when you need it. A lot of companies also offer a service on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis which means there is a lot less risk and you will only pay out once you have been awarded your final payment.

Some steps you can take to avoid those annoying accidents and injuries are:

  • Wear the stipulated uniform, equipment or protective clothing you are advised to by your employers as, if you choose not to, you have no grounds to claim.
  • Listen and participate in emergency drills and training. Lack of attention at these, even if you attended them, can also result in you being unable to make a claim.
  • Always ask your superior about the risks of certain tasks, as this covers you if, heaven forbid, an accident does occur, which in a busy working environment, they often do.
  • Even if you are not specifically a health and safety specialist it is everyone’s responsibility to look out for possible causes of accidents and reduce the overall risk.
  • Follow the rules and regulations of the company as they are there for a reason and have usually been assessed by a professional. If you are not adhering to these rules similarly to the other points, you don’t have any right to claim.

As you can see you really do need to be careful with work insurance in general, but especially within such a high-risk industry. Have the peace of mind of knowing if something bad does happen you’re covered.


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