Parents 4 New Tricks to Help Your Children Survive the Doctor’s Office

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Parents 4 New Tricks to Help Your Children Survive the Doctor's OfficeOne of the hardest things for many children to do is go to the doctor’s office. In most cases, nothing terribly bad is ever going to happen. There are some things that you can do to survive the office visit without too much trouble. For more tips, talk with your local Las Vegas Childrens Dentist.


Prepare Your Child


The best thing that you can do is discuss what is going to happen at the visit. Take time to prepare your child for everything that is likely going to occur. If they are going for a physical, explain that the doctor may have to touch your child to complete the exam. As always, assure your child that you will be in the room with him or her during the visit. Children are less likely to behave negatively when they know what is going to happen.


Read a Book about Doctors


You should also be on the lookout for books that deal with going to the doctor or the dentist. There are a variety of great books that deal with these visits, so find one that is age appropriate and read it with your child. Take the time to ask questions and give your child the chance to ask questions.


Bring Something to Do


You may have to wait for a long time to even get into the office. It is a good idea to bring something with you to pass the time. Make it something that is small and easy to do. You may want to bring a pencil and pad to draw or write on. The less your child is bored, the better the visit will be.


Reward Your Child


Tell your child that you will go to the store or go for a special snack once the visit is complete. Remind your child that it is very important to let the doctor do what he or she needs to do to make certain that the child is healthy. Encourage your child to maintain great behavior throughout the visit, and then go and do something special if you feel that you survived the visit without too many complications. Many children fear shots more than anything, so use your best judgment when giving the reward. If your child is absolutely atrocious during the visit, do not give the reward or your child will not likely ever behave at the doctor’s office.


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