Optimus cool mist humidifier – A device for keeping your home and family healthy

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center_fitness_2Today, environment is not clean and protected and sometimes it becomes irritating and harmful for us. As the weather changes, there are so many situation when you feel that the weather is spoiling the time and spreading laziness and some infections. The humidifier has been specially built for this purpose. The sole purpose of humidifiers is to give you comfortable breathing and fresh and healthy air.

The Optimus cool mist humidifier provides clean vapor for your environment and removes all harmful germs and other particles. The humidifier maintains the environment and keeps your environment managed all the time. This allows you to feel safe and comfortable every day and every time. It has many features that will add many more facilities which will provide you additional health care.

1.6 gallon water can be filled in the tank of The Optimus cool mist humidifier. And this has a key feature of self-cleaning. You would need less time for cleaning but this would be good for your air freshness. There are no specific instruction and special tools for cleaning the Optimus cool mist humidifier because this is a general using device and it can be handled as you wish. You should do it carefully but no restrictions are specified for humidifier cleaning.

This device works silently thus it can be used anywhere you want. It does not make any bubbling or gurgling sounds so it could never be disturbing device for you. When the humidifier filter becomes empty, it will be closed automatically by advanced technology functions. This device provides you fresh mist to clean the air but if you are feeling that the mist level is high then you can control it with its adjustable mist volume controlling system and it will be modified according to your desire. This humidifier is efficient worker and great energy saver. It has automatic systems for saving the power.

It will filter your dry air and will give you protection from the difficulties caused by air. It has a capacity to carry 1.6 gallon water and it will give you average working hours of 18 hours, the water tank of humidifier is transparent and this allows you to fill it easily. The tank is removable and it is easy to handle and to fit or to remove. It has an average moisture output of 300ml per hour and it has automatic built in ionizer. This humidifier is cost effective product for your environment purifying.

The tank has a big opening for the ease of water filling. After filling it, you should check that the cap has been closed perfectly because leakages will reduce the effect and output of the humidifier. Basically it consumes approximately 45w electricity. Although this would be high power consumption compared to other general product, but this will purify your air more carefully. If you are going to rate it than it would be 5-5 product because it works in amazing manner and gives more exciting results than you have expected. If you want best results of this device, it is advised to use clean or distilled water in humidifiers.


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