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There are a huge range of pens and fountain pens available to buy today. They make a great present for almost any occasion and searching and buying online is an excellent way to find the perfect pen.A fountain pen may be an item which is used every day and cost little to buy. On the other hand, some fountain pens are luxury items, or status symbols. Some pens are very ornate and can be considered works of art.The first known fountain pen dates from the 10th century in North West Africa. However, it was many centuries before a reliable fountain pen was produced and this depended on the development of the iridium tipped gold nib, hard rubber used to make the pen itself and free flowing ink. Pens produced in the 1850s used these three ingredients and from then on the production of fountain pens increased and the design and materials used changed over the years. Fountain pens in the UK may be considered old fashioned and to have been replaced by the ball point pen but in recent years sales have risen and they are becoming increasingly popular.

Why is online shopping the way to buy a pen?

* Almost any and every fountain pen that is available to buy can be found by online shopping.

* There’s a great choice of specialist websites which sell fountain pens, available at the click of a button. Towns and even cities will not have anywhere near the same number of specialist shops available so the internet is the best way to see the greatest range of pens.


* Shops on the high street are only open for certain hours; online sites are open all the time. It doesn’t matter if it’s raining, snowing or the sun is cracking the pavement outside: customers can still sit in their pyjamas and wander from website to website. A half hour can be fitted in between other tasks. It can be much more relaxing to consider what may be an important purchase, without the hurry of being in a busy shop.

* It’s easy to compare what different sites offer at the click of a button, instead of having to remember what has been seen in a previous shop or traipse back across town.

Fountain Pens

A fountain pen has a reservoir of ink as opposed to dipping the nib in ink. This reservoir may be in the form of a prefilled cartridge, or it may be filled from an ink bottle by a variety of mechanisms. Besides the style of pen, there are different types of nibs suitable for different styles of handwriting and made from various materials. There are many manufacturers of top class fountain pens which become collectors’ items. At the other end of the spectrum, there are also fountain pens available to buy in supermarkets. In between are a good range of pens which have both quality and style.There is a great range of fountain pens available, from simple and plain, to ornate ones, with some pens having very intricate designs on them.


Smith is a collector of fountain pens and writes for a range of websites and blogs. He is familiar with good fountain pen stockists such as Websters Pen Shop.


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