Numerous Methods to Sell Your Property in Dubai

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The property you own is your priced commodity and selling it poses many difficulties. You might decide to sell your property for various reasons. Whatever the reason it might be, the profit should be the end result. On average, a few years of investment in any property should give an attractive gain.

When you decide to sell your property, fixing a reasonable price is essential. There are a number of methods by which the estimated price of the property can be fixed. Those methods include a professional property evaluator, checking for the price of properties in your neighborhood that are being sold recently, or just note down the specifications of your property and go for the online evaluation.

Whatever method you use, reasonable and sensible pricing is a substantial aspect that will help you in selling your property. A property should never be over priced as this might chase away the potential buyers, nor it should be priced lower as this might raise unwanted doubts about the property.

Basically, there are two ways to sell your property in Dubai. Those are, using a real estate agent or sell your property privately. We will discuss about both below.

Using a Real Estate Agent:

The primary, most established and the most commonly used routes for selling property is by using the services of real estate agent. Before you invite agent at your property for selling, you must need to check the following items.

  • Take photographs of your property to show them to the buyers. This will give them an idea about the property that they are going to deal with.
  • Select appropriate time for each interested buyer to check your property. It is advisable to select different timing for different buyers.
  • Make a list of interested buyers, prepare details and send information about your property to them.
  • Queries and inquiries about your property should be handled politely whether you are talking with the buyer in person or on the phone.

Selling your Property Privately:

The second option is to sell your property privately, that is, without any agent. This method is most profitable as you can save money on unwanted commission you pay to the real estate agents for selling your house. There are two methods to sell your property privately. One is to go for ‘property for sale’ signs outside the property. The second one is to make use of online advertisements.

If you decided to go for private selling, then it involves a little bit of work and time. The sign board that will be placed outside property should be attractive and prominent. The board should have your contact number so that the interested buyer can reach you easily. Once you have placed the necessary plans, now it’s time to spread the word in the market through relatives, friends and neighbors. Just make sure that most of the people in your locality are aware of the sale.

So if you want to save some more money for yourself then it is better to go for private selling. This method will be cost effective and you can deal with your customers directly. As you can read in this property selling guide, these days buying property in Dubai is now easier than before.

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