No Spitting, Sagging and Other Strange Laws

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The law may be interesting, and it can be strange as well. In fact, it can be downright odd, with rules that seem outrageous to ordinary people. They’ll leave us scratching our heads and wondering where and why the law originated.

Here are five bizarre and binding rules that might even make you laugh.

1. Impersonating holy men

If you’re in Alabama and you think it might be hilarious to make fun of the local preacher, you better think again. You can actually be fined or thrown into jail for impersonating a religious leader.

2. Say no to the sag

Some people may rejoice to hear about one. In 2008, the chief of police in Flint, MI, successfully pushed for an ordinance that prevented anyone from wearing their pants below the butt. Many people had complained about the saggers and wished there were a way to make them pull up their pants. Now there is a hefty $500 fine and a possible year behind bars if you sag in Flint. Wow, talk about a dress code!

3. No late-night parties

In Athens, Ga., you can’t party between 2:45 and 7 a.m. Because of an early-morning crime wave, the city set a deadline for party animals to pack it in.

4. Idiots cannot vote

In New Mexico, idiots, felons and people with mental disorders cannot vote. If your IQ level is not high enough, then tough, you have no say in who will become an elected official. It seems that Mississippi and Kentucky have similar laws. Though intelligence tests were ruled an unconstitutional voting requirement decades ago, some jurisdictions still have the restrictions on the books.

5. Public spitting is Illegal

In Daytona Fla., it is apparently illegal to spit on the sidewalk, the ground or any public place outside. No matter how bad that taste in your mouth is, you’d best keep it there or wait until you’re on private property.

Even if you think a law is strange, it’s best to think long and hard before you plead guilty to something, no matter how minor. A plea might seem the quickest, easiest way to put trouble behind you now, but having a record has been known to cause legal problems down the road if you wind up in trouble again.

Law is odd, strange and sometimes very hard to understand, but it is the law and we have to abide by the rules.



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