Myths about Homeopathy

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Homeopathy London

Homeopathy London

Truths and Falsehoods on homeopathy


1) Homeopathy is characterized by infinitesimal doses: homeopathic dilutions attenuate the deleterious effect of a substance capable of high doses cause symptoms in a healthy person, and cause infinitesimal doses in a therapeutic ill.

2) Sublingual absorption: It should stop Homeopathic medicines dissolve under the tongue. This enormously irrigated area allows quick entry of the drug into the bloodstream.

3) Do not be touching homeopathic medicines with hands, which we avoid spoilage can occur.

4) Mint is compatible with homeopathic treatment: products such as menthol and certain scents decrease or suppress the action of homeopathy by its vasoconstrictor effect and they compete in absorption.

5) The same medicine can treat different diseases.

6) E.g. Belladonna: Indicated both to cure a sore throat, boils and sunburns. Signs of this remedy are: “Edema, heat, pain and redness” and when any of these symptoms occur, Belladonna is the remedy of choice.

7) Animals react well to homeopathy, and experience proves its effectiveness both pets and animals of income.


It is totally false that homeopathy is slow medicine. Appropriate treatment, taken from the first symptoms, offers extremely fast. Million treatments across Europe in conditions such as influenza, tonsillitis, otitis, etc. demonstrate the efficiency and speed of homeopathic medicines.


The problem that homeopathy is in most cases is chronicity. Patients often turn to homeopathic doctor when they are totally desperate and disenchanted with traditional medicine, which means that when they use this therapy the disease is usually well advanced and is already a serious chronic problem. In this case the doctor establishes a substantive remedy, less spectacular, which improves the patient’s field in a slightly longer period of time.

It is also necessary to take into account the speed homeopathy and effectiveness of a homeopathic treatment depends, of course, as in the allopathy of:

– A correct diagnosis.
– A correct therapeutic indication.

If a patient makes an incorrect diagnosis, the medication will not be so effective. That does not mean, therefore, that homeopathy is not used.

Example: If a patient goes to the doctor with a liver problem homeopath prescribes a drug is aimed primarily to circulatory problems such treatment hardly is effective.

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