My Favourite Candles – Make Your House a Home

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candle imageWe all love to read interior magazines, and salivate over the grand ideas and (often expensive!) products they describe. However, it really is true that it can be the simplest touches that transform your house into a home, and scented candles are a great option for any room. Not only do they help you relax, they look beautiful, fill your home with gorgeous fragrances, and they’re also really great value for money and can make such a difference to the atmosphere.

Nowadays, many people wouldn’t be without scented candles in their home, and it’s great to be able to choose different fragrances depending on the season. There’s nothing better at Christmas than filling your home with the scent of cinnamon, pine needles or Christmas cookies, and with the help of a scented candle you can have these fragrances without actually having to do any baking! The same goes for the other seasons, and with such an array of scented candles available, choosing your ideal fragrances for Spring, Summer and Autumn is a piece of cake.

Yankee Candle is the leading brand for scented jar candles, and Yankee aficionados will be delighted to hear about the new Housewarmer range fragrances that are ready for Summer 2013.

Pineapple Cilantro will transport you to a sweet, tropical summer with the fresh scent of juicy pineapple, sundrenched coconut and a hint of cilantro (coriander), perfect to get you looking forward to the holiday season.

Another new fragrance that brings to mind summer pleasures is Fireside Treats, with its pure white colour reminiscent of fluffy marshmallows. Once you light this candle you’ll feel like you’re sitting around the campfire on a balmy summer evening, toasting marshmallows into the night.

Summer Scoop manages to capture the pure innocence of a child’s summer holiday, giving out sweet-smelling whispers of mouth-watering, smooth, homemade strawberry ice-cream. It’s absolutely perfect for bringing the scent of the summertime into your home.

The final new fragrance in the collection, Honey Blossom, carries you immediately to a hot summer meadow. The aroma of honey musk and perfumed freesia, combined with a hint of the flower nectar and the woods, mean that you can almost hear the bees buzzing around you on a lazy summer afternoon.

Tim Aldiss writes for Yankee Candle where you can buy scented candles online


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