Moving Your IT Career Forward with Linux+ Certification

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Terry Hand a CIS Instructor at Ogeechee Technical College once said “My students were beating four-year college students for jobs. The big question was why. I started contacting companies and found out that certification carried a lot of weight.” This statement seems to be echoed byAlex Fogel a senior IT Professional at Ricoh & Samsung in his own words he says, “Certification was very heavily emphasized for the whole organization. It was required to maintain employment and to move up the career ladder.”

Individuals who stand to benefit

It is therefore prudent for a person to get certification in order to excel in their IT careers.People who have job roles that include junior Linux administrator, junior network administrator, systems administrator; Linux database administrator or web administrator can for example get a CompTIA Linux+ certification.

The examination

Linux+ is a certification of know-how of Linux operating systems, from their installation and use to the nitty-gritties of applicable free software and open source licenses.

The Linux+ examination is meant for information technology professionals who have between six to twelve months of practical experience using Linux operating system. It is broken down into several extents of Linux expertise: installation, management, configuration, security, documentation, and hardware. The exam is a computer-based multiple choice, with a question followed by four possible answers, at least one, although could possibly be more, of which must be correct. the subject matter for exam themes include installation methods, boot loader configuration, managing packages (Debian and RPM management systems areincluded), navigating directories through the command line, using the bash shell, security considerations, network administration including TCP/IP configuration, mounting file systems such as NFS, SMB or ext3 and managing configuration files for the more familiar applications that Linux servers are projected to run. Even though configuring and running the X Window system is contained within the formal exam objectives, there are rarely any questions relating to this since the exam emphases on Linux as a server and network operating system rather than for use as a desktop platform.


The Linux+ exam has had some criticism since itsfoundation due to the disproportionate amount of hardware-related questions that were on the test initially, most of which were covered in the A+ exam. Consequently the newest version of the exam, available does away with this problem.

CompTIA began the course of updating the Linux+ certification in July, 2008. The update activity began with a Job Task Analysis (JTA), where Linux subject matter experts evaluated the job roles and tasks for IT professionals who work with open source operating systems. The information was then used to update the examination objectives and items. The test is 90 minutes long and is made of of 98 questions with a passing score of 675 out of 900.

The new LPI, Linux Professional Institute, powered Linux+ replaced the former CompTIA Linux+ on October 31, 2010.Itcomprises of two exams LX0-101, and LX0-102, 60 questions each. The exam is 90 minutes long, requiring a 500 on a scale of 200-800 to pass.

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