Moving Out of State? Here’s 5 Things You Need to Do to Prepare

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Moving Out of State


Moving may seem like a difficult process with much to do and be aware of in order to prevent complications later on. The most important steps, such as calling utility companies, may come to you, but don’t forget about the less obvious precautions you can take to ensure a smooth experience. Turning to advice from friends, family, and, yes, even the internet can help solidify in your mind the appropriate steps to take. Please read on for several distinct things to consider in your moving journey.

Visit Potential Homes

The experience of your potential home is still not quite the same viewing it online as it is actually being there. If feasible, take a short trip to the area before deciding to move there. Talk to residents there about their experience. If you already know of some apartment complexes or houses that interest you, go and visit them! Ask yourself if you can really see yourself living there. Learn the locations of the most important businesses you will be using. If you have children, go and visit local schools and talk to the staff.

Find a Temporary Place

If you are trying to move to a new area and you have no place to stay while looking for a new place, you may have to reserve an accommodation for a few weeks. There are many motels with extended-stay chains, such as Extended Stay America, Motel 6 Studio 6, and the Marriott Residence Inn. If you don’t have much money, check out local youth hostels. Call motels and ask about their weekly rates.

To find an apartment, try Craigslist, look in the newspaper, or look online at apartment-finding websites.

Take Care of the Logistics

Before you skip states, there are a number of important things to be taken care of. Inform your utility companies of your plans. You may need to disconnect them if they are not the companies you will be using in your new location. Inform doctors and schools of your move and let them know they will need to have records ready. Change your address with any other important institution you can think of, such as the bank and post office.

Need for Storage Services

Your lease is up in your current place with no new apartment in sight! There are solutions for many moving mishaps. In this case, it happens to be storage services. Check your local area to find storage companies. Call and ask about their monthly rates. Whether or not you have a new place yet, always make sure to clear out your old apartment and find a temporary storage home for your things. Leaving things in old apartments reflects poorly upon your rental history. If you are in Utah or Southern California, contact Murray UT storage or ExtraSpace Storage in Irvine, California.


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