Most Common Causes Of Back Pain That Women Suffer Everyday

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Back pain plagues many women on a daily basis. While injury and heredity might be the cause, most back aches can be avoided. Women should take precautions to eliminate an aching back that can be frustrating in the least, and can lead to a lack of mobility at the worst.


Improper Shoes

Shoes are at the heart of the matter when it comes to back pain for countless women. It’s vital to wear shoes with the proper amount of support. However, many women base their shoe purchases on appearance. High heels in particular can cause serious back pain. The same goes for flip-flops, ballet slippers, and any type of shoe that has a flat sole. If they don’t have any support, a sore back is almost guaranteed.


Sitting for Too Long

Women who work at a desk job or spend a great deal of time sitting at home are prone to back aches. When the body is in a sitting position for a prolonged period of time, the discs in the spinal column do not get proper circulation. Pain and stiffness result. Women can resolve this problem by trying some simple solutions. For instance, they can make a point of moving every so often. If working in an office, women should get up and move after twenty minutes. Walking on a break is helpful as well. The same holds true for women who sit at home. An ergonomically correct chair is important as well, one in which the back is supported and good posture is promoted.


Forgetting to Warm Up

So many women become eager about exercise, jumping into the next fitness kick without doing the proper stretching exercises first. The body needs to warm up, putting muscles and bones into motion, before intense exercise begins. The worst part is the fact that avoiding that warm-up can lead to a bad back and no exercise.


Strain During Everyday Tasks

Women often move the wrong way or forget to lift heavy objects by using their legs. There are also those times when they tackle things that are too much to handle. Even breast size and ill-fitting bras can cause back pain. Women considering Utah breast augmentation can consult a plastic surgeon in Salt Lake City about its effects on the back.


Women need to take care of themselves. That includes being conscientious about their backs. By using common sense, pain can be avoided.


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