Micromax A110 VS A90S, Which Phone suits your lifestyle

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Mobile phone industry has grown to a great extent, both in size and quality, with the passing of time, and during the contemporary period you can see that several styles of such phones are being floated every now and then. In reality even though almost all of the modern technological gadgets have got their own innovative natures, many of them also have some kinds of limitations. In order to cover up these diverse drawbacks and mechanical imperfections, more and more new models of such products floats up. Mobile phone field is also not an exception, and to a modern day mobile user, it is quite a tedious task to sort out the best one from the plethora of available models that comes in various sizes and qualities. Even ardent aficionados of all hottest fads who are really crazy about the all the rage mobile phones will be a bit bemused while selecting the best one.

Which mobile phone will go very well your overall lifestyle, Micromax A110 or A90S? When somebody put forward such a question, it will be rather difficult to some extent, to give a blunt, straightforward answer. The basic reason for the intricacy for answering this question is that both of them are good buys, and the choice entirely depends upon your style of coping up with the modern world.


If you are an avid Android user, then gain the confusion gets compounded, as the operating system of both Micromax A110 and A90S is Android. Coming to the storage capacity, then again both of them have 4 GB support. Speed-wise also they are at the same level. When the performance capacity is taken into consideration, Dual Core MediaTek with 512 MB RAM makes each of them excellent. MA110 will be much more appreciated by the big screen fans, as it is roughly one inch bigger than A90S. Both uses same quality camera, but when connectivity is considered, A90S is a clear hit, because it uses Bluetooth v4.0, whereas Bluetooth v3.0 is used in Micromax A110. Both these models have got dual standby system, as far as sim-card insertions are concerned. A110 has got a slight advantage as far as battery is concerned, because it uses 2000 mAh, while A90S is with 1600 mAh. As far as dimension and weight are concerned A90S has got the edge.

These are the common characteristics of the two contemporary popular mobile phones, and which one you are going to choose from these two extremely astounding mobile phone sets? The pick and preference solely depends upon your own personal needs, or rather your mental desire. Both phones look elegant and chic, and will be a glamorous asset to your personal dressing. Quality-wise, you can see, from the aforesaid description, that when the display quality is excellent in A90S, you will get a much broader platform in A110. So if you are really keen in enjoying online movies or prefer to spend some of your leisure for games, then of course you can opt for A110. As far as micromax a110 price india is concerned, it comes just somewhere between ten to twelve thousand rupees.


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