Mexico Auto Insurance: An Overview

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Every single driver in Mexico, irrespective of his native origin would need to have Mexico auto insurance for his car. However, there are many who live with the misconception that a separate coverage for Mexico is not required and a policy from the States would suffice for it. Today, with the fast service of the online Mexican auto insurance providers, it has become even simpler to avail these loans. What is important is that one needs to clearly understand the terms of the coverage offered to him.

The Uniqueness of Mexican Auto Insurance laws

Mexico City has a unique set of auto insurance laws, while the laws of the United States and Canada have several features common amongst themselves. Therefore, while one can drive across the national boundaries of the US and Canada without any special insurance coverage, driving in Mexico would require one to get Mexican auto insurance. There are several insurance providers who have their offices near the US-Mexico border itself. For many insurers the rate at which the insurance is offered would depend upon the distance you would be travelling within Mexico.

The Popular Types

One of the more popular forms of Mexican auto insurances is the protection against personal injury coverage. This policy covers the expenditures incurred on the treatment of a passengers or the driver, if the vehicle meets an accident. In case there is an uninsured driver with whom an insured gets involved, the Uninsured motorists’ policy will cover for the medical treatment. Any kind of loss suffered due to a collision will be compensated by Comprehensive physical damage coverage. Some of these losses are damage due to floods, fire or animals and theft. The best way to make sure which policy offers what is to go online and research through the various Mexican auto insurance research sites.

Over the internet one will get various available options and would need to leaf through them. Car insurance from Mexico shall include coverage upon damage liability, i.e. if your car damages anybody’s property, the insurance would meet the compensations. Such coverage will also offer legal aid to you if the person whose property your car has damaged files a lawsuit against you.

If you have had to rent a car, because your car has suffered damage due to collision or some other phenomenon, the Rental Reimbursement Coverage will be paying off the rentals for you. There are several insurance providers who offer discounts upon these covers. So a bit of a research would be of great help in order to find a proper auto insurance that would help you to ensure a long and safe ride across Mexico.


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