Memorial Day Party Ideas

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Party IdeasSummer is on its way and one of the holidays that really gets us into that spirit is Memorial Day. It’s the time of the year when the sun is shining, the pools are opening and the barbeque is starting. For those who like to celebrate from their home with friends and family, here are some ideas for a memorable Memorial Day party!

A summer outdoor party wouldn’t be complete without food and drinks. For the adults who want a sweet beverage, you can’t go wrong with lemonade. Try a frozen lemonade drink and add some coconut rum. Anything that is frozen or slush is perfect for a hot day. The food is simple; barbeque and picnic sides. Grill up some turkey burgers, for a healthier meal, and offer a condiments table, with lots of tomato slices and even some avocado slices. Any type of potato or pasta salad is the perfect side dish for a summer bbq.

For dessert, finding a sweet that is also quantiful is a must. If you plan on having many guests, you’ll want to make a lot for a little budget. Try offering a root beer float! They are yummy and will keep your guests refreshed, and you can offer a handful of ice cream flavor choices. To keep with the red, white and blue color scheme, bake up some mini cheesecakes with blueberries, strawberries, and white chocolate. They are a small but sweet dessert that everyone will love.

Decorations are a must for any themed holiday party and for Memorial Day, you must have the American flag! Even mini flags for the kids are a fun touch too. If you want to add some more color to the event, bright flowers are always great options. Sunflowers or any kind of large flower can make a great centerpiece. If you are looking to keep the cleanup to a minimum, buy red, white and blue plates, napkins and cups. Just because they are cheap, doesn’t mean they can’t be chic! Maybe even cover your tables with white cloth tarps and let the kids create their own patriotic table cover with colored markers. It’s an easy party idea for kids and they can be used again next year.

A memorial day, beginning of the summer party is nothing without fireworks. Either find out which community building in your area is doing fireworks that night, or just improvise with sparklers for the kids. Smaller fireworks can be purchased at certain times of the year, and even smaller ones bring a unique surprise for your guests.

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