Luxury Staircases – Invest in Louis de Poortere Stair Runners

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Famous for his vintage collection, Belgium designer Louis de Poortere has a superb eye for fashion. Known for bringing colour and captivation to the home, some of his most sought after products are the variety of spectacular stair runners. A great way to add that extra touch of panache to the home, Louis de Poortere’s collection of hand-made stair runners will transform any rugged and worn staircase into a luxury escalator.

Here are some of the many reasons why homeowners should invest in these artistic designs.

Vibrant, Eye-Catching and Enchanting

Louis de Poortere’s collection of stair runners are available in a wide range of vibrant patterns and designs. From bright, multi-coloured stripes to rich, burgundy weaves, there is an array of intricate designs which will make a striking impression on anyone who enters the home. An ideal way to add luxury to the hallway, staircases will look fantastic amongst plain and simple interiors. A room which is often bare, runners will add character and charm to the hallway at an affordable cost, meaning homeowners won’t have to break the bank when decorating their rooms.

Example of a Louis de Poortere stair runner

Example of a Louis de Poortere stair runner

Sophisticated yet Smart

In addition to creating an eye-catching appeal, stair runners can also serve a smart and practical purpose. A clever way to hide cracks and existing damage, homeowners can use runners to cover up the staircase, making it as good as new in a matter of minutes. Instead of spending a fortune on replacing stairs simply because of one little crack, spill or stain, homeowners can completely transform them in a flash using a sophisticated and stunning stair runner. 

Complimentary and Captivating

Although renowned for his incredible vintage collection, designer Louis de Poortere boasts dozens of styles to suit all. Whatever interior homeowners currently have, there are designs to complement every room colour and theme.

Whilst there are many intricate patterns, there are also stair runners which feature a simple one or two colour scheme and design. Those who already have lavish hallways, boasting beautiful floral wallpaper or countless collectables, may find a plain coloured runner is all they need to add that final pinch of luxury to the home. With classic runners usually consisting of two complementary shades, such as a light red and a deep cherry, there are a variety of simple but stunning colours ready to complete the existing decor. 

Rich and Royal Material

All of the superb Louis de Poortere’s stair runners are made from rich and wonderful fabric which not only looks luxurious but also feels fabulous. Usually 100% or 80% woven, his magnificent collection is made from only the finest fabric and materials. Soft to step on, this high quality texture will create a comfortable and cosy atmosphere; bringing class and captivation to the home. As a result of being crafted from rich and royal materials, stair runners are incredibly durable and hard-wearing, meaning they are guaranteed to last for years on end.

An example of a stair runner

An example of a stair runner


Stair runners are a brilliant way to create luxury staircases. With his variety of smart, sophisticated and utterly enchanting runners, Louis de Poortere is a man who truly knows how to spice up the home. From striped, contemporary styles to intricate, vintage designs, homeowners will find this designer offers an array of creative and innovative runners. Those looking to add style to their home will not regret this practical yet dazzling purchase.



Image Credits: Naken and Taylor Burnes


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