Learn More about Proper Escort Etiquette

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Finding a good escort agency for your needs is just the beginning. But when you’ve found one, you’re all set for a wonderful time with the escort of your dreams. However, whether it’s your first time to enlist the services of an escort or you’re a seasoned customer, you need to follow certain rules and proper escort etiquette.

Granted, an escort provides a service – but you should also keep in mind that they are professionals as well. They are expected to follow set principles, and so should you.

Any escort agency, Birmingham, would tell you that if you treat your escort in the proper manner, you will get more than you expect. You will both have an excellent time because your escort is comfortable and at ease, and you can eliminate the tension or awkwardness from the beginning.

Most escort etiquette is common sense. But below are a few guidelines you may have not thought about:

  • Try not to talk about the actual intercourse or sex act

Whilst you may be tempted to talk about what you want your escort to do or what you plan to do, stay away from this when you can. The arrangement is best talked about at the time of the booking. Try to be discreet and gentlemanly, and stay away from lewd phrases or words that are too descriptive. There’s escort lingo for various acts – you can check for sites that define escort industry lingo on the Internet. If, in any way, the escort finds that you are too crude, she has every excuse to walk out on you, leaving you with nothing but a sense of regret.

One tip: keep the conversation light and humorous. Treat it like you would a regular, ‘traditional’ date. What would you talk about with a girl you are dating? Use this as a guide.

  • Always pay at the beginning

This is absolutely important – no ifs and buts, especially if you want your time with the escort to go through as planned. A good escort agency will inform you that payment is expected up-front, and you should not pay by any other means than by cash. Don’t try to pay in another currency, either – it should always be pounds sterling.

If it makes you awkward to hand over the money at the first moment of contact, then put it in an envelope or place it at a conspicuous place, such as a dresser, table, or bed. This way, the escort will know right away where the money is.

One tip: don’t be offended if the escort counts the money. This is standard procedure for the escort industry.

  • Expect the escort to act professionally

This may be easier said than done, especially with the kind of service you are expecting. But whilst the escort will do all that she can to make you comfortable, she will also make sure that she is safe. Don’t be surprised if she locks all the doors, checks the toilet for unexpected guests, ask to inspect your identification, or ask you for beverages that are in sealed cans or bottles.  She is just trying to keep herself safe – you would do likewise if your situation were reversed, wouldn’t you?

After all this is done, though, you can begin to relax and have the time of your life.


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