Know More About Invisible Braces: Clear Ceramic Braces

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Clear Ceramic BracesBraces, the very term does not give a very pleasant feeling. These are some of those solutions which do not make you feel very good. It spoils your smile completely and you also somehow become shy to go to social gatherings. But the only satisfaction that you gain out of it is thinking that after the braces would be removed your smile would be as perfect as anybody else. With the invention of clear ceramic braces one does not have to go through the terrible phase. The braces would this very factor or transparency in its built has actually revolutionized the orthodontist sector as there would be no more inhibition regarding braces.

Some Major Facts About Clear Ceramic Braces

  • As the name suggests clear ceramic braces are made of ceramic which is a composite material.
  • The advantage of using clear ceramic braces is obviously the invisibility factor. But the reason they are opted is because they do not get stained. Moreover they are made of strong material.
  • Even the arch wires that hold the ceramic braces to each other in a series are also made of transparent material.
  • It is often been found that ceramic braces are too brittle and hence with prolonged use it is most likely to break. What most orthodontists refer is taking those clear ceramic braces which are thicker in structure to avoid this problem.
  • Generally the orthodontist suggests avoiding the intake of too much of curry based food, coffee or too much smoking. The ligatures or the tiny rubber bands that hold the arch wires of these braces may be affected and get stained.
  • In comparison to regular metal braces, one has to wear clear ceramic braces for a longer period.
  • One must hold of the fact that the clear ceramic braces are not at all cost effective like metal braces.
  • There are cases when ceramic braces are difficult to maintain as they can cause a little discomfort in moving the teeth.
  • Research says that the hard composite material that has been used for making ceramic braces have a more adverse effect on the enamel of the teeth than in usual metal braces. Since in comparison to metal braces it has to be used for a longer period, damage to the enamel can be serious.

But most people go for the look factor and hence clear braces have been able to make a good niche in the market. They are mostly popular among adolescents and there are even celebrities like Tom Cruise who went for clear ceramic braces.

Hi I am Connie Reed a ballet dancer by profession. Due to improper positioning of my teeth, I searched for invisible braces for teeth retention and got to know that it is the clear ceramic braces that is most popular for teeth straightening.


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