Kitchen Design Tips – Don’t Mistakes

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Designing options for kitchens are never ending. One idea grows into another. It mainly depends on the personal and psychological intuitions of the one designing the kitchen. Basic decorative measures are confined to appliances, cabinetry, tiles and hardware. Every feature has its own plethora of designs and shape, so the possibilities of making them look good is endless and the combinations run into infinity. An identically styled kitchen can have a different outlook if small changes are made. So as it stands, it completely depends on the person concerned.

Designs with purpose

Storage – Often over looked, Cabinet is the main feature of a kitchen. The cabinet takes the bulk of space so it should be placed in a way so that it doesn’t crank up the kitchen. Cabinet should always be chosen with lot of drawers, a separate section for cleaning things and glass fronts. Innumerable styling options of different designs are available in the market, once chosen the design. The colour of the cabinet should be decided, in small kitchen lighter shades colour keep them open and spacious, it also reduces stain on them.

Doors and windows – Kitchen doors are windows should be well placed so that there is availability of enough air and space. Theme of a kitchen can be depended on the arrangement of doors and windows. According to the feing-shui themes where it is said that cook’s back shouldn’t be facing the door way. Windows should be designed for air flow to be perfect to reduce suffocation while cooking and reduction of heat.

Backsplash height – Too high backsplash height makes it a bit more congested, the colour is important which should have a match or contrast with the floor, cabinet and the colour of the walls.

Sun shine – Well placed windows can let the sun light inside the kitchen. This is very helpful as some foods require drying under the sun. A bit of sunshine always brightens up the mood of the cook.

Safety – Designing mechanism is important to build kitchen safety. The sink or any water sources should be placed away from electrical, plug points or appliances. Gas pipes should be well engineered so that they do not cross the burner. Emergency items should be placed nearby, to deal with immediate threats.

Flooring – Deciding the kitchen floor should always be given a detailed thought. The floor sets in the tone for the entire kitchen. The two options for kitchen flooring are hardwood or laminated floors and tiles or stones. Ceramic flooring is a premium quality tile that always stands out from any other kind of flooring. The only downside for a ceramic floor is the cold feel but that can easily be countered by using floor heating systems.


Lighting – A kitchen always involves handling of delicate things with precision. So, it is very important to have proper and efficient lighting in the kitchen. A huge ceiling fixture with ample CFL lighting might not always provide good lighting and might leave you in your shadows in front of the sink or near the kitchen counter-tops. So, a well planned lighting in the kitchen should always be prioritised.

Colour – Kitchen colour reflects your personality. Do not be afraid to choose combinations of colours that you like, all that you need to keep in mind is that the colour compliments the flooring, the appliances and the texture of the kitchen counter-tops. Contrasting and complementary colours on consecutive surfaces provide great visual appeal to the kitchen.

Cabinets – While choosing cabinets for the kitchen the most important that should be kept in mind is the space available in the kitchen. Other than this, the budget and the colour of the kitchen should also be taken as a factor for choosing the right kitchen cabinets.

Sinks – There should always be provision for a large sink in the kitchen. Brazen bronze sinks are the perfect ones for a kitchen. They are large enough to allow easy dish-washing and other things for which you might want to use the sink.

Appliances – Which kitchen appliance to buy is completely a personal decision but while buying it what you need to keep in mind is whether they fit in well with your kitchen in respect to looks and usability. For example, you can learn about kitchen knife sharpener by going through Knife Sharpener Reviews.

Other important tips – If you have a large enough kitchen and you want to put in a breakfast room, then you need to make sure that you use a virtual partition that helps you accommodate a breakfast room and at the same time avoids making your kitchen look congested. For the chairs in your in your kitchen, you should always choose chairs without arms as they will help you work more easily as the arms wouldn’t act as a barrier.

All these kitchen design tips will help you build a better and appealing kitchen that will not only look better but will also provides you with enough safety and usability for your convenience. So, go ahead, keep the designing tips in mind and build your own dream kitchen!


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