Key Benefits of Using Lone Worker Security Solutions from SoloProtect

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More and more companies realize the importance of investing in security solutions for their employees. It makes a lot of sense, since it helps protect their workers while at the same time; it also protects them from expensive lawsuits in the event of workplace injuries. For many companies, what really makes sense is to use the security solutions from SoloProtect, particularly the Identicom Lone Worker Device, the most widely used device dedicated to lone worker safety. More than 200,000 workers use it all over the world. Their latest product is the SoloProtect ID, and it’s even more advanced.

NurseTest Key Benefits of Using Lone Worker Security Solutions from SoloProtect

Here are some of the benefits of using such solutions:

  1. It assures workers that the company is serious about its commitment to lone worker safety. The company can inform the workers about the various features that help improve their safety, and so they can work with the reassuring knowledge that they’re not as helpless as they could have been.
  2. It is beneficial to the company. Since the workers are reassured about their safety, they become more productive and efficient. Lawsuits may also be avoided, since the use of these devices is proof that the company is indeed looking after the well-being of their employees.
  3. It’s easy to wear. That’s because it looks like an ID card holder. It’s not a bulky device and it’s never uncomfortable to wear or hold all the time. In fact, it’s very easy to integrate into your outfit.
  4. It’s disguised. It doesn’t look like a security device so any trespasser or criminal won’t insist that it should be removed. You can also fiddle with it naturally to activate any alarm. You can even use it without breaking eye contact with the bad guy. You don’t have to reach into a pocket or bag to use it, as that will look suspicious to a criminal.
  5. It comes with a Rip Alarm. There’s always the chance that for whatever reason the device is ripped from you, then the monitoring center will also get a red alert. This device can be ripped if there’s a criminal threatening or physically assaulting you, or if it’s removed by a fall. The device can be worn on a lanyard or a belt clip, and there’s also a special attachment you can use.
  6. It detects if you’re incapacitated. It detects if you’re not moving and also if your tilted. The standard setup is that it will vibrate if the device (and usually you too) isn’t moving and in a tilted position for two minutes. The vibration will warn you to deactivate it if there’s actually nothing wrong with you. But if you still don’t move for another 2 minutes, then it will send an alert to the monitoring center.
  7. It offers 2-way communication. The device works as a way for the monitoring center and you to hold a conversation. This is a great backup for smartphones, which may not be getting a signal or isn’t charged enough.
  8. It uses Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) technology and Assisted GNSS. This makes it a lot more accurate than your usual GPS system, and it’s more reliable too. Getting a position fix is much faster, and this conserves the battery charge.

SoloProtect is simply a great choice because it’s proven technology. It’s among the pioneers in the field of lone worker safety, and these devices have been tested and used by hundreds of thousands of people worldwide.

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