John Bradberry NC – How to Improve Your Basketball Skills

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If you have dreams of one day becoming the next Lebron James, Larry Bird or John Bradberry Charlotte NC top scorer then you are going to have to be prepared to work incredibly hard to reach those dizzying levels of success. Whilst there are those who are born with a natural gift for playing basketball, the large majority are not and that is not to say that you cannot make it if you don’t have a God-given gift, it just means that you need to make up for the difference with your work ethic.

If improving your basketball skills is something that you want to do and you are prepared to work for it then here are some ways in which you can do so.

Pick Your Position

The sooner that you pick your position, the faster you can get to work on nailing it down and perfecting it. The decision about position will often be made for you based on your stature, size and  your core abilities. For example, it is unlikely that point guard is for you if you are 6,7 and passing is not your strong suit. Equally, power forward will not be for you if you come in at 5,10 and get pushed off the ball with ease. Deciding on your position as soon as possible is going to help you greatly in terms of improving your overall game.

Be a Student

Improving your basketball skills is about far more than just practicing on the court and you need to ensure that you have a full understanding of both the game, and your position. You need to try and watch as much basketball as you possibly can and when it comes to your own position, you need to be watching those who do it best and try to work out what it is that they do so well and how you can emulate it.

Game Time

Practice is of course important but nothing will prepare you for the world of basketball more than game time will. Playing in actual matches can help you to improve your mental strength and your ability at overcoming adversity. If you are not getting a game in your school then you need to try and find as many opportunities as you can to play and join local clubs if you have to because game time is essential to your improvement.

Practice, Practice, Practice

The single best way to improve how well you play basketball is through hours and hours of practice. If you are serious about becoming a star then you need to be playing ball at every given opportunity. Practicing should not just be about shooting a few hoops, you need to try and drill down into different aspects of your game and practice them until you see improvement. The same goes with your weaknesses, you should be highlighting them and working hard on them until you have turned them into a positive.

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