Is There A Safer Alternative To Smoking Cigarettes?

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Bodybuilding is not an easy task, as it needs a lot of dedication and hard work. The gym goers take maximum care, when it comes to eating healthy food and doing the right things to improve their health. They are cautious about not doing things that can impact their body, as it will drain all their hard work. Smoking is one such thing that is strictly a ‘no’ to everyone, and especially the exercisers.

There are quite a few people, who believe that this habit will have no impact on their determination to have a perfect body, while others contradict this statement. Tobacco and nicotine, no matter in whatever proportion you take on a regular basis, certainly has a negative impact on your health. It directly impacts your performance and will delay the result.

Many people tend to ignore the adverse effects of smoking and continue with this practice, until it becomes too late. No matter whether you exercise regularly or not, it is necessary to avoid such a habit, for various health benefits. This habit reduces your stamina, which will directly impact your performance.  It is too easy to get into a bad habit, but quite challenging to get out of it.


Some of the Negative Impacts of this Habit are as follows

Shoots Up your Blood Pressure:

High blood pressure problem is quite a serious issue. It stops you from performing better in the gym. When the BP level increases, the blood circulation throughout your body gets restricted or minimized. During workouts, it is quite necessary that your body gets enough proteins and nutrition. Due to the smoking habit, this doesn’t happen.

As a result not enough oxygen, amino acids, and other necessary ingredients are passed out to the important body parts. In other words, it will impact your performance, no matter how much you try to improve them.

Fast Heart Beats:

During performing tough exercises in the gym, your heartbeat increases. It puts an extra pressure on your heart, which is normal. However, if you smoke, the pressure is doubled up, which is not good for your health at all. This can increase the risk of many heart related issues. A non-smoker doesn’t suffer from such an issue.

Fast Breathing:

Smokers usually breathe heavily, as compared to nonsmokers. It happens due to accumulation of tar in the lungs, commonly known as the respiratory system. Regular smoking habit narrows down the blood vessels, which makes breathing quite difficult, especially when you are doing a tough exercise in gym.

It also restricts the supply of oxygen that is quite essential during exercising. As a result, you might end up coughing hard or finding it difficult to breath. You might find it tough to perform various cardiovascular exercises like walking, running, and swimming. Moreover, you wouldn’t be able to perform them for a long time.

Causes Deficiency in Blood:

Smoking is no way a fun activity, as it changes the blood composition and makes it quite thick. If this happens then it will be quite difficult to pump blood in and out of your heart. The carbon monoxide content in the body of a smoker is high, which is not right.

The blood composition should have more oxygen content and less of carbon monoxide. In this case, the person will find it quite difficult to perform various exercises and it can also impact their growth, and can delay the natural repair process of the muscles.

The Bone Density:

A high quantity of nicotine content in the body reduces the bone density, and makes it more brittle. It restricts the oxygen circulation, thus causing serious problems.  Smokers usually face the risk of suffering from hairline fracture, which is not good indeed.


E cigs is the best alternative for all smokers, who usually find it quite difficult to quit smoking, no matter whatever they do. The best thing is that it contains less or zero percent nicotine that causes major harm to your body.

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