Intensive Information Drive on Allergic Causing Stuff To Kids Announced

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Intensive Information Drive on Allergic Causing Stuff To Kids AnnouncedApril 12, 2013 – Pets are just one of the causative factors that can trigger an allergic reaction most especially to children under the age of three. This is according to My Kid Stuff Allergies website, when they launched their information drive recently. The awareness blog was geared toward parents’ awareness on the possible allergens that their kids may have and what to do when there is allergic reaction.


In the official website, the company narrated the possible allergens that can cause the kids to suffer from mild or severe reactions from the ingested foods. These foods are eggs, cow’s milk and milk products, peanuts, wheat, soy, fish or shellfish products, tree and nuts.


The website further cited that children below three years old have food allergies. At this developmental stage, kids may have a hard time expressing what they feel. Parents were therefore provided with some life-saving tips and practical management to address the reaction safely.


Among the common manifestations of allergic reactions, as cited by My Kid Stuff Allergies website were, presence of hives – itchy red bumps-on the face, arms and feet, pain in the stomach area, nausea and vomiting plus diarrhea, sneezing, runny or stuffy nose and light-headedness. There is also irritability.


What parents much watch out for according to the site is when the child suffers from difficulty of breathing. This kind of allergic reaction needs immediate medical attention. However, parents are advised to maintain a calm approach to also assure their child that everything will be alright.


According to the site, parents need to know the basics management of care when their kids are manifesting the signs and symptoms stated above. For instance, hives are best relieved by shower or cold compress. Parents should always carry or stock antihistamine at hand, 24/7, inside their purses, their house and in the car, the site added.


Moreover, during allergic attacks, low levels of activities were made mentioned in their published article. “Avoid actions that might trigger the allergies” the site additionally made mentioned.


For severe attacks, on the other hand, parents are counseled to seek the help from the professional, like the family doctor or allergologist. “But the key to avoid severe allergic reaction is to know the type of allergens that the kid is allergic to” the website stressed.


Remember that as the parent, you are the child’s support system, and you are the source of comfort and assurance during any allergic reactions your child may have. It is up to you as that parent to make sure that your child is educated on how to handle life with a food allergy, and it is up to you to manage their diet, especial while they are young.

Meal planning for a child with severe food allergies can be a difficult task. Initially the process of reading labels and informing friends and neighbors can feel a little daunting. Thankfully, technology today offers a lot of answers and help. The internet is full website that can make this overwhelming task feel more manageable. Whether you are looking for online articles for information, or allergy friendly recipes, a quick online search can provide all the information you need. As the parent of a child with food allergies remember that you are not alone. With the help of your pediatrician, and a little research on the topic goes a long way, and children can live a “normal life,” no matter how severe their allergy may be.


For more information about the allergic causing foods and practical management you can click on the for more details.


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