Increasing Popularity Of Soft Drinks In Daily Life

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Water constitutes a large part of human beings. For small babies it is up to seventy eight percent of the whole body, for an adult man it is sixty five percent, and for an adult women, fifty five percent of the whole. Our lean muscles are almost 75 parts of water by weight, however, our bones are about twenty two parts of water, and our body fat contains 100 pc of water. According to the health institutes with medical laboratory accreditation, even little changes in the amount of water in our body will build a distinction in our health. Thus, the thirst mechanism in our brain, normally, signals the body to drink water when the body feels dry or lack of fluid content.

We lose water in our daily activities and hence, we’d have to drink about8-12 cups of contemporary filtered water on a daily basis (each of 8 oz.) to fill again the water lost through sweating ,breathing and urinating and to keep the body parts filled with adequate amount of water. We tend to lose even a lot of water after we have any caffeine-containing drinks (be it a soft drink or coffee), alcohol, and after we exercise during a hot and dry weather, as is mentioned by a health care firm with medical laboratory accreditation.

Besides soda water, soft drinks and Cola contain ingredients that aren’t required for any prominent action. They even interfere with these functions inflicting them fail over time that manifests in obesity and diseases. The ingredients of some very common drinks like Cola according to some institutes awarded with medical laboratory accreditation are, Phosphoric acid, Caramel color, Carbonated water, Caffeine, Potassium benzoate, Aspartame , Natural flavors etc.

A lot of money is spent by various companies on advertising and other methods of promoting the products and as a result, their market has expended around the world over past few years. A typical drinking addict who, use to drink a lot of soft drinks could be a small child in his or her teens. Thousands of kids were provided with some special type of classes arranged by their faculties to tell them the hazards of using such drinkable fluids like Cola. However, they’re not warned regarding the other drug – the soft drinks.

Recent studies showed that artificial sweeteners are actually comparatively sweeter than the normal sugar obtained from natural resources, creating your body crave sugar a lot of thanks to absence of the natural sugar. But being sweeter isn’t simply the sole harm of the synthetic sweeteners. Aspartame which is an artificial sweetener in soft drinks could be very dangerous and lead someone to cancer of the blood, as it was shown during an analysis in 2005.The FDA approved sweetener to be used almost thirty years past, and it’s sold under different company’s name.  Sweeteners are often found in over various products viz, juice drinks, seasoned waters, iced teas, chewing gums, jams, diabetic food, fiber supplement and sodas like Cola etc.


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