How You Can Help Your Kids Know How To Choose The Right Friends

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How You Can Help Your Kids Know How To Choose The Right FriendsWatching your children grow up has been one of the greatest joys in your life. You have been there for all of the firsts thus far, and you cannot wait to see what the future has in-store for you. When it comes to choosing friends, how can you help your children to select the right ones?

The Programs They’re In

Enrolling them in certain programs can help them to develop friends with the same interests that they have. Of course, choosing the right friend does not mean you must select sports groups over music groups or something of that nature. Instead, look for the qualities that the children and their families have. For example, youngsters in scout troops often seek to embody the same qualities as these troops.

Set Good Examples

When you do not have good friends for yourself, you cannot expect to model healthy relationships for your children. Evaluate the people with whom you spend time when you are around your children. If you have an unhealthy friendship with them, then you might teach your children the wrong values and fundamentals of a relationship between two friends. Work on building healthy relationships for your self first.

Defining a “Good Friend”

Young children often good friends as the people who want to play the same games as them, and common interests are definitely the basis of friendships. However, you should speak with your child about what it means to be a good friend. Let him or her know that if someone is constantly teasing or playing rough, then this friendship might be time to end. In addition to expressing your opinion of a good friend, you should listen to what your children have to say about it as well.

Monitoring Their Behavior

While you do not necessarily want to be a parent who is constantly following your children around, you should know what they are doing with their friends. When a new friend invites your child over for a play-date, you can get to know the family a little bit first. As your children grow older, require them to check-in with you when they are out at night. If you suspect their friends might be drinking or using drugs, then you can test or breathalyze them from time to time. If a serious incident does occur, you might need to use bail bonds Sacramento CA can provide. While this is a very serious situation, hopefully, it will teach your children a lesson about choosing the right friends.


Eventually, your children are going to choose their own friends, and you might not be able to stop them making some of the selections; but you can guide them in the right direction.


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