How to Quit Smoking Improve your Health, starting today

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It’s no secret that smoking tobacco is catastrophic for our own health and to those around us who inhale second-hand smoke. However, it is very hard to quit. Until now! At last there is a substitute that makes quitting smoking viable. Welcome to the exciting development of the electronic cig.

1. A quick reminder on the dangers of smoking.

Before you reach for the packet and light up a conventional cigarette, it’s worth asking yourself, do you really want to play Russian Roulette with your own health? As the late anti-smoking campaigner Allen Carr wisely counseled, would you light it if you knew it was the one that would give you cancer? Or emphysema? Or heart disease? All these risks will start to deteriorate the minute you stop.

2. Cigarette smoke is a toxic cocktail.

There are over 4000 dangerous chemical compounds in every puff, with perhaps the most recognized and deadliest being carbon monoxide. This prevents the cells carrying their full load of oxygen and effectively damages every organ. Not in an electronic cig.


3. Help is at hand.

As a long-term smoker, you may not be able to function without the familiar prop of a fag. You reach for one as a matter of habit many times a day. Well, you still can. With an electronic cig, you can still have the feel and sensation of the ritual, without any of the dire consequences. A puff of vaporized nicotine will satisfy your craving, but no other harm will be done.

4. Which electronic cig is best?

There are many different models now available; some are designed to resemble a conventional cigarette, which many quitters find reassuringly familiar. Others come in different shapes and sizes depending on the size of the battery and the strength of the vapour they emit. Once you become accustomed to the cleaner, fresher taste of the mist, you can even order refills in various flavours, which all adds to the pleasant experience of switching to a popular electronic cig. Farewell to the sour aftertaste and bad breath of a real ciggy. Fruity flavours such as watermelon and mint are nice and refreshing.

5. Is the vapour really safe?

The vapour produced by puffing on an e cig is safe. It is composed of only three ingredients, water, propylene glycol and nicotine. Nicotine is addictive, but it is NOT the cause of cancer. Nor does the vapour cause any danger from second-hand smoke.

Summary of the benefits of switching to e cig.

With the popular electronic cig you can still “smoke” in all your old favourite haunts, such as the pub, the cinema, even on public transport, which may feel a bit odd at first. You will save a great deal of money, as all e cigs are re-chargeable and after an initial outlay, are considerably cheaper than highly taxed regular smokes. Most importantly of all, you will be doing your body the greatest favour. Rescuing it from the ravages of a potential killer. For your own sake and for the family and friends who love you,


Smith is an ex-smoker now using a popular electronic cig. He contributes regularly to health care websites and magazines, extolling the benefits of giving up.



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