How to Plan For a House Extension

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Just over 3 years ago, I decided that we needed some more space in the house and so my wife and I decided that we would have our home extended. We opted against moving home as we simply weren’t ready to uproot our lives in that way in order to gain the additional space that we required. The process of extending your home is not an easy one and there is much that you are going to need to organize and prepare for, many of which I had no idea about. If you are going through this process, or at least planning to do so, here are some things which you need to prepare for.

Speaking to Neighbors

It is important that you include your neighbors into what you are planning as they will also be affected by the construction work. During the extension there could be heavy construction equipment coming past there homes, there could be a great deal of dust in the air and even noise pollution which they will need to put up with. For this reason it is vital that you get your neighbors onside.

Planning Permission

Without planning permission from your local authority, a construction job such as this simply cannot go ahead. This is yet another reason why you need your neighbors on your side as their say will be important when it comes to getting your planning permission. You also need to ensure that your architect has considered a number of different plans, should the authorities require small changes to your proposal.


Something which I learned very quickly during this process was that projects such as these will always run over budget and it is important that you are prepared for it. When it comes to making your budget, remember that this is not about how much you have, it is about how much money you want to spend out of the money you have. You will need to have some surplus cash for anything which runs over cost as well as having enough money left at the end which you can spend on decorating the new space and furnishing it.

Stay or Go

Finally you will need to decide whether or not you and your family will stay in the property whilst the work is being carried out. There are benefits and disadvantages to both and the decision will be based upon a couple of factors. Firstly, when it comes to moving out you will need to have somewhere to go and some money to pay for it if you don’t. Staying in the property can cause quite a lot of distress and you will need to be prepared to have sections of your home closed off as well as possible light and gas problems and of course, the potential danger of construction equipment lying around. This decision will be entirely up to you but I would recommend that you leave during the process, that way you are not involved in the mayhem and you can get that ‘wow’ factor upon your return.

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