How to Pick Your Lottery Numbers

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Over the past 20 years of its existence in the UK, millions of people have played the National Lottery – or Lotto as it is now known – and many have played every Saturday since the very first draw with the hope that one day they’ll scoop a life-changing jackpot. For some this will never happen, but as the saying goes, you’ve got to be in it to win it.


Many have their own strategies when it comes to playing the lottery, especially when it comes to selecting their numbers. Some pick specific numbers with a meaning to them, others pick the same numbers week after week, some close their eyes and dot the pen on the paper six times while others will check the latest lottery results on or on their smartphones and make sure that they don’t pick any of the numbers that just came out because they believe the probability of the same number coming out in successive weeks is highly unlikely.


While there’s no surefire way of ensuring you win the Lottery – or even of getting one number coming out successfully – there are a few different ways in which you could go about selecting your numbers to give yourself the best chance of winning the jackpot, or even just a few pounds!


Lucky Dip

When you buy your ticket from a shop, you still have the opportunity to fill in the slip before handing it over to the person behind the checkout. Here you have the chance to select the numbers you want, or to mark a little box at the bottom of the slip titled ‘lucky dip’ which allows the computer system to generate your numbers for you completely at random. Some have found great success doing it this way, including several jackpot winners who have said publicly that that’s how they chose their winning numbers.


Lucky Numbers

Some people will get together and choose numbers as a couple or as a family, selecting numbers which they feel are ‘lucky.’ For instance, the number 7 is known throughout the world for being lucky for various reasons, while the number 13 is often avoided at all costs – or chosen to try and break the bad luck that follows it around. Dates when special events happen are often perceived to be lucky, like the day of a wedding (for example, the 14th of May might encourage people to select 5 and 14).



Choosing your birthdays is another good way of picking your numbers, and a method you can try for a few months too. Picking different numbers each week always has the risk of the ones you chose previously coming out of the machine the week you don’t pick them, but sticking with the days and months of your births could be extra special (and a good way of splitting the money if you’re picking the numbers together).


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