How to Make Your Wedding Chair Covers Stand Out With Accessories

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When it comes to your big day you want everything to be perfect. This encompasses everything from the shoes you wear and the guests you invite, to the songs you play and the decorations you select.

The latter point is of particular interest. When it comes to hosting the party after the wedding ceremony you have a much greater license to be creative. You can decorate the place you have rented out to look stylish and beautiful. It is up to you what colours you go for, what table decorations you pick, and what overall style you go for. This is why a lot of women like planning this part of the wedding because they can really let their personality and taste shine through.

One of the main contributors to the style of the venue is the wedding chair covers you purchase. These hold a dominant role in the room because there will be so many of them and they take up a lot of the space. After all, everybody has to have a chair to sit on!

There is lots of wedding chair covers available for hire on the internet. Most people tend to go for an elegant chair in a dreamy ivory or crisp white colour. Nevertheless, whilst the range of chair covers on offer is extensive, they are largely very similar with regards to style. It is when you start considering the different accessories that you can truly add personality and fashion to the equation.

There are lots of different accessories available to go alongside your wedding chair covers. The most obvious accessory is a sash. There are several different materials available, you can opt for a luxurious silk, or you can go for more light and transparent materials, or you can even go for lace. This depends on the style of your venue; whether you are going for something glamorous, or more contemporary, or vintage?

When purchasing sashes for your chair covers the true license for style lies within the colour you select. You will be able to buy sashes in any colour you can imagine, from coral to lime green to lilac to chocolate to midnight blue. The choices are endless and therefore you can find the perfect sash to go with your chair covers.

Whilst most brides tend to remember to look at the different sashes available, a lot of people do not actually realise that there are other options as well. One accessory that works beautifully is a brooch. There are loads of stunning diamante encrusted brooches that can give your venue the princess treatment.

You will be shocked by the different chair cover brooches that are available. You can get butterflies, hearts, flowers, bows and much, much more. These are perfect if you want to sprinkle some sparkle to the occasion. You can guarantee that this is the type of accessory people will remark on for all of the right reasons.

When you are planning your wedding you should not forget to pay a lot of attention to the wedding chair covers and accessories you purchase. These are essential in terms of style and adding the ‘wow’ factor to the occasion.


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