How to make your engagement ring purchase cheaper

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The moment has come for you to propose to the girl you love so much. In each proposal, an engagement ring is given to the girl to prove how much a man loves a girl. In many cases, the ring is also a motivating factor to the girls to say “yes” during the proposal. This is the reason why men invest in engagement rings that are sometimes expensive.

Yet there are ways to lessen the expenses in purchasing the ring and when your trying to find engagement rings London make sure that your girl will still like it. Here are ways to make the purchase cheaper:

Choose a cheaper metal for the ring band

There are many factors that define the prize of an engagement ring. One factor is the metal use in the ring. Using rare metals like platinum and gold makes the ring a bit costly. A cheaper alternative is to have a ring band that is made of silver. It still adds up beauty to the rings without the high cost. You can find beautifully designed silver rings that are cheap.

Choose a gold band with low karat

The lower the karat of gold the cheaper it is. To be able to save up your cost in purchasing the engagement ring, buy the ring with the lowest karat. Your girlfriend will not notice the difference. The important thing is that you have given her a ring that is genuine. Yellow gold is also a lot cheaper than white gold.

Consider buying a second hand diamond ring

The prize of a new ring from an old one has a huge difference. Purchasing a second hand diamond ring is okay and practical for people who are budgeting. You can save up to 40% if you purchase a second hand ring. You can give her a genuine ring that she will truly treasure for the rest of her life. If the girl truly loves you, she will not be concerned if the ring is brand new or not.

Substitute the diamond with a cheaper gemstone.

One thing that makes engagement rings expensive is the diamond. There are other gemstones that are cheaper and will still have the brilliance on it. You can consider replacing a diamond with an emerald or a ruby. You can also use birthstones in your engagement ring. A pearl can also substitute a diamond in the ring. The choice of gemstone will depend on the taste and preference of your girlfriend.




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