How to Look Good on the Webcam

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lokeOver 63 million people are making video calls on a regular basis, and it is not surprising. Video chat has become very popular in the past few years. Whether you are using it to stay in touch with your girlfriend/boyfriend, or you are trying to meet new people with the help of chat-rooms, scientists have proved that 80% of communication is body language. But let’s face it, not all of us look good in camera, and this is why we usually settle for only voice calls. We have thought up of five tips that will make you look your best on screen.

  1. Make Eye Contact

Look at the web cam from time to time. Although you might be tempted to check yourself in the preview window, you should try to look directly in the webcam from time to time. Also, before making a call you can call a friend or family to see if you are satisfied with your looks.

  1. Beware of Patterns

Although everybody has a personal style and personality, which we want to express, keep in mind that patterns don’t look good on the camera. We don’t know exactly why, but intricate models and crazy colors can’t be recorded appropriately by the device. Moreover, you should avoid jewelry, and if you do decide to go for a pattern, try to sit against a monotone wall.

  1. Angle the Camera

This trick has a lot to do with the shape of your face. Some look good if they look down on the camera and others look good it the camera is filming from above. This is why you should play with it on order to get the desired angle. We advise you to place it in a line with your forehead, and if you have a laptop with an inbuilt camera, don’t tilt the screen up.

  1. Sit up Straight

When it comes to video-chat we try to make a good impression. Whether you are chatting on a virtual chat room like loke or you are reconnecting with an old friend, you should always be concerned about your posture. Always sit up straight, not only to look good, but also because it is healthy.

  1. Use the Light

This is probably the most important tip. If you want to look good, you will have to let the light on, or play with several light sources. You can also manipulate the level of brightness or contrasts from the web camera settings menu. We believe that the best choice is to put a light source behind the computer or camera.

In an ideal world, we look towards the standards that society makes. However, our society is obsessed with image; this is why almost all women in magazines look like Greek goddesses with perfect skin and bodies. The reality is a lot different. We advise you to be your natural self, and remember that charm comes from the inside.



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