How to find the right second hand watch for you

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When you are purchasing a second hand Rolex you need to consider numerous factors, such as the colour, cost, size, type. However, you don’t only need to consider the characteristics of the watch you need decide where to purchase the watch and figure out whether the reputation of the firm is up to scratch. Throughout this article, we will label all the components to buying a watch and how a few tips can help you find one.


The colour of the watch is vitally important because you need to decide whether your watch will fit in with your other garments and the rest of the wardrobe. After all, a watch is a fashion accessory and if it looks out of place with the rest of your clothing then it will devalue the aesthetics of the watch. Therefore you need to take thorough look at your wardrobe and decide what type of watch would suit you.


How much the watch will cost is an overwhelming factor when you are trying to decide what watch you will purchase. Before you do decide to purchase a watch you should think about what budget you are prepared to spend. This way it will make the process far more efficient and far less painful. If you do not decide a budget then you will be looking at and considering every watch under the sky.

There are two ways to lower the cost of your watch. One way is bargaining with the merchant, through bargaining you may be able to spend a little less on the watch. However, bargaining is far simpler with someone who is not legitimate like a market seller. It is unlikely that a retailer will allow you to bargain, one thing a retailer will offer is a part exchange so it may be useful to scour your old collection for something to trade.

Size and type

These are also two important factors when you are purchasing a watch.  The size of the watch may be a problem for two reasons. One is you have to get a link removed in order for it to fit or the watch face may be too large for your requirement.  The type of watch is also important as it will directly affect the amount of budget you are willing to spend.



The seller you choose to use is also another factor. There are various different types of sellers such as a high street retailer, market stall trader and online store all with the ability to sell you a watch. When you are choosing what platform to purchase from you need to take into consideration questions such as these:

  • Are they legitimate?
  • Have other people had good experiences with this company?
  • Do they offer a guarantee?
  • Is the price fair?

By asking yourself questions such as these you can increase the likelihood of getting a good deal.  Taking in other people’s opinions of the seller is also a good way to gauge the quality of the business. For example, looking for online reviews or using word of mouth would be a great way to get an indication.

Taking all of the above aspects into consideration is vital when you are trying to get the best watch for you. Firstly, you should consider the characteristics of the watch you want. This means taking into account size and colour. Once you have decided the colour and type you need to decide on a seller, through identifying who is a reliable seller through searching reviews you should be able to identify a good seller who can sell you the watch you desire.

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