How to Find Low/No Interest Deals on Credit Cards Using Online Comparison Sites

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Choosing a good credit card can be a nightmare; there are so many different offers to choose from, from a myriad of banks and companies. It can seem impossible to narrow down the search to just one; especially one that you can be sure is a great deal.

True you could pop into a local bank, talk to someone face to face and try to secure a good deal, but you won’t have a good idea of all the options out there unless you do a fair bit of walking. You could trawl through all the offers you get clogging up your junk mail to try and find something worthwhile, but it can be arduous seeing through all the introductory rewards and sales pitches to find the actual worth of a program. Arguably the best means of finding a good deal is through an online comparison website.

Credit cards How to Find Low/No Interest Deals on Credit Cards Using Online Comparison Sites

They should be used with caution, yet for most, credit cards are a necessity for modern living

Comparison Websites

These days, the internet is filled with comparison websites. When insuring a car, it’s almost obligatory to check out the offers on comparison websites (such as the SO Switch Comparison site) to ensure you get the best deal. Well, the exact same process can be used in finding a good credit card deal.

Comparison websites present you with a range of options from different providers in an impartial and objectified manner, allowing you to make easy and direct comparisons between all the deals to see which one is best for you.

Less Sales Jargon

When visiting a credit card suppliers site, you are immediately hit with all the benefits and rewards from buying into a certain scheme in a very persuasive manner. Even the worst deal can seem like a viable idea when presented with enough sales expertise, and for some of the larger providers, sales spiel is something they have in spades.

Therefore when considering a deal, you want to see it presented in an objective, strictly informative manner to see how good it really is. Comparison websites have to display many offers simultaneously, so therefore show the bare bones of a program in a categorised manner. This means that you can see the deal for what it is, and then once you’ve decided which ones look interesting, you can follow the links to the provider sites to see which one sells itself best to you.


Comparison websites make their money from linking customers to a provider’s website; each time a person is referred to a provider through that comparison website they get paid. As such, they don’t need to promote one provider more than another to make their money and can present the deals as they are, without any favouritism.

Smartcard2 How to Find Low/No Interest Deals on Credit Cards Using Online Comparison Sites

Comparison websites allow you to see the credit card for what it is, without all the sales pitch on top

Tailored Searches

Alongside details of each of the offers, for example, filtered by the representative APR, you can search for deals by custom criteria.

If you search for the credit cards with the lowest interest, a list of offers will be presented ranging from lowest to highest. However, alongside this, if you want a credit card scheme that offers rewards or cash-back you can factor this into the search, thus removing all the ones without rewards. So not only can you find the lowest interest deal, but you can find the card which matches all the criteria you are looking for.


Comparison websites are a great tool to be used in this modern age, and when looking for a good credit card deal, they can be one of the best means of considering the market in its entirety, in an impartial manner.


Article by Rob Holman


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