How to Enjoy a Shower

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How to Enjoy a ShowerSure, the shower is a place where you get clean, but who says you can’t enjoy it? If you take the time to prepare, your shower can turn from a chore to an exciting getaway.

The best part is that your shower is right in your home and is free, so it’s something anyone can afford! Instead of dreading your next shower, enjoy it!

1. Gather Supplies

While you probably have shampoo, conditioner and soap inside your shower, you should pick up a nice quality loofah. This will help exfoliate your skin and give you an excuse to stay in for longer. In addition to this, you should get a nice towel fresh from the dryer that can greet you when you’re done. Put on some music as well so you can sing along and have something to take your thoughts away. You might also want to prepare an ice cold beer if you’re 21 or over.

2. Turn on the Shower and Relax!

While you are in the shower you should relax in the hot water and enjoy it rinsing your entire body. If you want to go a step ahead you might even want to sit down while the shower falls on you like rain. A lot of people like to light candles and turn out the lights before their shower so they can sit down, relax and think about anything on their mind.

Scrub your body with your loofah, wash your hair and sing out loud while you’re in the shower. Don’t worry about anything but taking the time to relax in the hot water. Sometimes it’s just nice to feel water falling on you because it can be so relaxing.

3. Grab Your Drink

If you’re 21 and over you should grab your beer while you’re in the shower. If you’ve never had a “shower beer”, you are definitely missing out! The refreshing beverage will make you love your time away from the rest of the world even more. You can even bring the beer into the shower with you; just make sure to set it on a shelf away from the running water and splashing.

4. Dry Off and Moisturize

Once you’re done enjoying your shower you will need to dry off with your towel and even put on a robe if you have one. After this, put lotion all over your body so you feel silky smooth and hydrated. However you feel like spending the rest of the day is completely up to you!


– If you lit candles for your shower, make sure to blow them out when you are finished.

– Leave on your bathroom fan or open the door when you’re done so it can air out all of the moisture. This will decrease chances of mold developing in the room.

– Tweak your shower so that it is just the way you want it to be. This could mean using a new type of soap, lighting incense, bringing in a radio or a number of other things. There is no right or wrong when it comes to enjoying your very own relaxing shower.

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